Posted: July 28, 2012 in Introduction

Being a new blogger is like being new on facebook or twitter.
You pretty look for others people ideas in order to familiarize yourself with what could be allowed or what perhaps could be considered routine.

Being new I am not going to do either of that….coz I tried that in twitter and it dint help a bit.
So am going to try be weird just like i usually am in real life. Everyone is weird in their own way and the fact that youre still reading means you are weird and you think you have finally found a person whom you can relate with. Well I wont burst your bubble like you are expecting…..welcome home.

I really find it hard to express myself in writing like one person once said….and thats why av decided to start this blog….although I would liee if I say i dint derive inspiration from my girlfriend who also is a blogger. So I intend to use this blog so as to improve my written communication.

My bio is a smart, sarcastic and generally funny person…..if by now you are finishing this post and you havent laughed already…then seriously you have a problem with understanding intellectual jokes.

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    i am glad I can be of a positive influence Hoseah. Thanks for commenting!


  2. hosshik says:

    nyc debut ma friend for starters, getting ua humour mara pap, ua article abt ”reasoning along needs n wants” really inspired me n makes sense of w@ i really nid in lyf. I’m jst tired of da myopia i’ve bn hvn. I really nid more power specs or really lotsa carrots to put ma lyf in perspective