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The literatures presented below are the writer’s opinion and perspective of things and may not necessarily be true according to you but then if your opinion does really count…but then I doubt…. you are free to leave a comment
I’m not even certain if this piece will have a conclusion. Considering every person in my class is unique in their different ways. Of course am not going to be a sycophant in my own blog and talk about how I love every one of you with equal measure or how I can never do without you guys. Good thing about our class is that we can never group people in terms of traits or appearance or ethnic basis…this is awesome. Maybe the only way we can start is by gender…but then the two gender or is it three have so much differences it won’t be fair for some people who are blest with controversy….notably me. As such I may categorize in terms of hostels…now you’re wondering really Sam? Yeah certainly hostels will do for now.
1: Taking note of preserving the best for the last I have decided to end with Riverview. In as much as people think am mean…which I totally disagree…I won’t sound mean here. Ann Karimi my closest hostel wise neighbor ever since first semester…she is a darling. Organized, kind, quiet and responsible. I think she could do well learning from Caesar what I taught him. Don’t try annoying her or making silly jokes if you aren’t yet on that level with her. I’ll blame you for whichever outcome. Now the losers are already thinking she has a clean slate just because I once had a thing with her. Well like I said its losers thinking that way so I won’t waste my time explaining why Ann is noble. Cynthia recently or rather moved to riverside this semester. She is among the few people I pity… I believe everyone always has good intentions…maybe twisted ones like the late Osama Bin Burden. So when earlier on everyone was angry with her because of Riverview… I too joined the bandwagon of the majority but opted to have her opinion since unknown to many me and her are on a brother sister basis and that’s why she won’t be so annoyed when I post here that she likes rumors. They have a way of finding her…it’s like rumors are Cynthia searching like the heat searching missiles. She is even up to date with what you are thinking right now.
2: Buruburu is just awesome. They are the only fellas besides Lavington and Runda who live in flats. Am told the barbed fence in riverside is a protective measure from the members of the flats who might let their raging hormones take control during strikes…that certainly excludes the likes of our class rep Daktari Mutai, Brian ochieng and the rest. Hey it’s not like I don’t know the rest of you…it’s just that being mysterious is a swag so am here making you mysterious. I know you won’t get this but am giving you swag on a silver platter. Gideon is an amazing guy. He is probably the only person with an anatomy book and numerous booklets who will stare at you blankly in an anatomy practical. Brian Ochieng is tall…I will vote for you for Riverview congressman coz am silly enough to vote for Museveni as the president of Kenya.
3: I and a number of you guys had heard of the Kalenjin sisters before joining Egerton University…then we met the Kalenjin brothers. Those guys are tight. Their spokesperson and director of public relations whom am certain did Kiswahili in high school is Emanuel. If there is a guy who has a good reputation then it’s him. He is the only guy who actually blushes when having a conversation with Zenab. Of course you think I’m cooking it up…but then every time he blushes by looking down their gazes meet….perfect cover. Thomas and Silas would make money as anatomists if only they communicated with other people too. The guys are so good in anatomy that they read it in English and convert it into Ki kale before loading it into their long term memory. Geoffrey is a hilarious guy. He always makes people laugh…Hoseah, Caesar, Joan, Arlene, Bildad and Collins will recall that day when everyone was serious till he knocked and Bildad in his classical laughing fashion almost brought the house down….literally. a word of advice to you guys…if at one time a plane crashes into anatomy lab then we will have lost all male doctors in rift valley because you always sit like a cluster joined by the basketball fanatic Evans and the baseball spectator Onesmus.
.4: Lovington and Runda…I have to admit that I envy you guys. Browsing in the comfort of your rooms while I sit my sorry ass on the hard floor outside Computer SC department! The nocturnal chose a common place to live. Honestly I don’t have much to say concerning you guys…not coz you don’t have a lot to be talked of but simply coz we have never interacted with you guys except during lessons….which apparently only Conrad and Mike attend and maybe during fun day. I think birds of a feather do flock together…I don’t know where the Con-stuff accent originated from….Conrad or Ma Stuff…either way it’s cool.
I know some people are already thinking I have forgotten them. But really this is not a session ya kutuma salamu so don’t expect me to remember all of you beloved classmates.
The musketeers and members of Riverview will have to feature in the next post but for now let me get to some biochemistry oral exam revision.

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