Mbchb Stroke eleven Part 2.

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Thank you for the reviews you made on the first article. I wouldnt want to go home without finishing this piece because its much easier to write considering am in the comforts of River View as well as I have a formatted mind or rather I have deleted information to my Recycle bin as opposed to Shift delete….because am not so sure I wont be preparing for a resit soon….Masika actually asked me if am sure am going to 2nd year!

Anyway I dont want to dampen anyones spirits by talkng about resits. It will come and go. For now lets hve a look at river view. I was looking at people earlier on and I realised theres a lot to be mentioned.

Let me begin with Two and a Half men since they are the only souls in our class who live close to the kitchenette and behind it. Calvin, Bonny and Dave. These guys are just awesome… If at any one time you reach a point and you feel like you have grasped a concept in whichever unit just book a discussion with two and a half men. Notably the half man has a way of making you realise you need to go back to your books. If you were thinking that guys who buy chips sustain the economy of mama chipo(the chipo place next to jcr) , just ask the half man how many Chapos he consumes in a day….then multiply by three and see if those guys can do without the trio.

Next on the list are the Arab Money a.k.a Mombasani. They are obviously good friends of mine….maybe sometimes people wonder why…its because me and them can communicate in kiswahili and generally swahili ladies have a way of hooking you to them….even Dr Sam Obure knows this….ever noticed how him and I are hooked to Zenab? This time the odds were against Salim…or how else do you explain exams and Ramadhan occuring simultaneously… I dont know much about Nuzlah except that she likes attending lessons and laughing an infectious laughter. Nahidah who is probably updating in facebook about her scheduled flight to Mombasa is a fly chic….she is as cool as a cucumber till you tell her a joke….she will slap you and even give you blows…not because she is annoyed but coz she is happy. Khadijah whom I used to share a love-hate relationship till recently loves telling you what you dont want to hear coz its embarassing. She will look at you in a certain way when she wants to say it…then before you know it tell you like she ones told Agnes who was doing Somersaults together with Cleo that she should desist from that since it will rapture her low-men.
Then its Zenab… I could use hundreds of words to describe her. She is a bubbly lady who has a double approach in life….both serious and fun loving. No wonder she flows so easily with most people… I realise I only have praise for the Arab money…but then what do you expect…they earned it without much of a hassle. Every begining of semester or after mid sem 8c and 9c are their most frequent visitors since they have foodstuffs not found huku bara.

Lilian,always trying to help out her fellow classmates. She actually was the source of the viral spread of Najeeb’s videos which made some of us develop an Indian accent. I actually like listening to her speak kimeru…plus the next third sem I am probably going to ask her to bring me what they call Life in meru so that I stay up late reading.
Since Pat moved from that block I am not going to mention her in that context but rather as family.
Eumedsa ought be next….she is also Delilah. She is sharp and she knows my name….has numerous friends including Fridah who is set to be a news anchor…..or so as we think. Word is she is yet to recieve a feedback but then thats the faith Cheche tells us about in the usually held at Thursday fellowship. She allegedly drafted her cv after telling us how shed be anchoringg on weekends…well thats faith. Beth wears specs and is my classmate. During first sem I almost asked her if all her clothes were custom made to appear as lab coats…till I learnt that we are in med school and so we are required to have a labcoats always on whether we are going to the lab or to class.

Chebet…I feel like talking about your asset but everyone knows that so maybe i wll mention how youre way of talking is interesting…..together with Barb….av opted for the shortened version of your name because some people may not know its spelling and learn it from me. Rumor has it that you girls love rumors. Hehe I used to flow with it till I realised how Atoti can be nice to talk to and how Barb can cook nice food if ofcourse you elp her with the Ugali cooking. All I know about Cynthia big is the second bit of her name plus her voice which is unique in an ironical way.

The only mistake am making by mentioning that word in the air has it that Kari resembles one of the Anatomy staff is coz she will get it from me in the blog. Also the reason why Kweri knows what you had for lunch is because your life is interesting so some people would love to share theirs with you……to be continued


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