If only time was controlled by my watch

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

If only time was controlled by my watch.

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    Thanks for giving me an insight into your thoughts Neon and Jaybichiy.

    In response to Neon each theory provides a limitation notably which are more complicated than just living life as yesterday is gone, today is here and tomorrow is a blessing. But then your my mind tells me your thoughts deserve a moment of meditation on them….which I will.


  2. neon says:

    Wasn’t quite done with the paradox thing yet. The time as a circle was one way to view it. Let’s talk about the chaos theory and perhaps the butterfly effect. By changing the nature of a certain event, we change the course of the main and subsequent events. Therefore if we were to go back and change the occurrence of a certain event we sure will change the future. The problem comes in whereby if we change the future, we change the spatial and time occurrence of everything and we cannot be certain of a specific kind of future-like; would we have created the machine to send us to the past?


  3. neon says:

    So sad it was yet so true. Sorry about your brother. There’s this thing we call time paradox. It is a tad bit hard to understand and becomes even more difficult when you sit down to analyze it. Take time to be a circle; if by any ingenious means we were able to go back in time and change the course of a certain event, we would only facilitate the future and it wouldn’t change. So, in other words, the future remains intact as it si meant to be though the events that lead to the future are ‘seemingly’ changed-which they aren’t by the way cause the future which is also the past according to the circle remains the same.


  4. jaybichiy says:

    I found it very touching and inspiring. All true,we live once and we truly gotta make it count cuz the hand of time can’t be reversed..