The Poetic Silence

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

The days when everything virtually depended on it.
When business terms were laced with it.
When music was not just about Producers and shows,
when writers were known for their works as opposed to their book sells,
when i was just a little kid.

The poetic silence that worries.
The silence that strips awareness.
It even blocks literary analyses.
Makes us amok in our creations.
Since we no longer care for perfecting our inventions.
Because facebook and twitter are the easier available options.

Going are the days,
when poetry in life was a way
which was refered to on a day to day basis,
it was like human’s existance chasis.

It’s probably the only form of literary expression,
that requires a focused mind and attention,
this no doubt is a sort of intellectual meditation,
and appreciation of what our brains can achieve when removed from inhibitions and limitations.

Its high time we embraced poetry,
and make the current silence a history,
or else we shall be sorry,
for failing to see an emergency,
and conclude that am acting cantakerously,
till we see Poetry in newspaper page as an Obituary,
then regret wishing we had figured Poetry was dying…and that the silence was a state of comatose!


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