How She became a thirty year old lady and blamed Men for it.

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just how did she get there? To be a thirty year old lady and still looking at her ring finger and fiddling with an imaginary ring and still planning how her wedding will be grand and how it will be the one to remember among her girlfriends since ofcourse she has the opportunity to make hers the best by choosing the aspects which stood out in her friends’ weddings….but then this will be a dream as long as she remains with the attitude she has.

I dont know exactly but 14 must be the time when a chic starts getting attention from the guys…she will be flattered by the lamest line any Torn Dic in a Hurry can come up with. Then she enters the stage when flatter and being vibed and male attention are part and parcel of her existance…at this point her self esteem greately improves as she breaks the ego of the guys who she will turn down. This is usually a stage where ladies exercise power but then its a man’s world so this privilege doesn’t last for long…however I encourage every chic to use this opportunity well or else you will spend the rest of your life kissing frogs waiting for a mature toad…ouch!

I may not offer a solution to the issue of thirty coz after all there’s the aspect of strength of a woman which can do achieve whatever the woman deems her needs. But then I, standing here on behalf of all the real men out there would like to set the following staright:
1. Dont blame it on men when you are thirty and still single. Honestly no matter how scary you are, some dude who is into horror must have approached you and you turned him down.

2. Dont start telling the world how a woman can do even better what a man can do….thats a lie because anatomically taking a silly (or is it sick) example, I know we are different since I and a part of me can stand but for you its only you as a whole.

3. Dont lie to the world that you actually did put aside the issue about your relationships so that you concentrate on your career. I have seen succesful women the likes of Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Rev Cathy Kiuna of easy fm breakfast show, Carol Radull, Ida Odinga, Wahu Kagwa and ofcourse my mum who are married and succesful in their respective fields of specialty and they got their firstborn children young.

4. Dont start saying how Kenyan men are unromantic. Because that beats logic for normal reasoning and lastly dont lie that you can do without men and that you like leading a solitary life yet you always shop for teddy bears…some as big as Shaquielle O’ Neal.

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