If only time was controlled by my watch

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I did a lot of work. As a result I am very tired after attending the wedding of a friend of mine. I know all I did was attend and sit and listen and smile and eat but then thats work for a person whose mind is already on holiday, not mentioning I had to wake up early! Anyway to the newly weds, have a blissfull marriage Mr & Mrs Patrick Mwangi!

Today is one of the few times I actually wish I could turn back time. Statistics show that there is a rising number of people who opt to exist rather than live after a thought hits them that their only hope lies in yesterday’s opportunity which they wasted. Quite a sad state for one to be in.

If only I could turn back time;
-I would probably read for that exam and pass it since I already know the questions.
-I would avoid going to play outside at night that day I had to be stitched on my forehead.
-I would think more of the consequences of the words I spoke that day I was really worked up.
-I would spend more time with Allan considering he’d die while just a mere eight year old toddler.
-Basically I would do all the above and much more right!

But then I dont want to go back to the time I was hurt. I dont want to go back to the time I was told in school of his demise. I dont want to see my uncle battle it with Diabetes till he passed away. I dont want to see my other uncle waste away because of refusing to take ARV’s which were then still new. I dont want to see the teary widow left behind because someone I know died in a car accident while driving in a drunken state. I dont want to hear all over again how both my Primary school teachers who were husband and wife died on their way to a wedding related function. I dont want any of those……to happen all over again because I might turn back time but then what was to happen will still happen.

Morgan Freeman in the movie ‘Bucket list’ (which my friend Caesar and Agnes understand very well) tells us how 96% of the poppulation would rather the details of their death are left a mystery while 4% would rather they know to the minute detail as to how it will happen. Honestly I am in the vast majority category!

I dont want the gift of happines of today striped off by cares of tomorrow. So I conclude that I have made a lot of mistakes and so have you and that Pastor who was featured on ntv News as being a hoax. However many and how complicated some irrational decissions we made have made our lives become, we should not forget that yesterday is the so called experience is the best teacher, today is when we try do our best and tomorrow is a chance of a betterment. So its a personal choice of either focussing on yesterday or dealing with today.

In the Bible there are guys who were given talents. I will summarize the story since most of us know it but for those who dont, you can find it at Mathew 25;14….which is the first book in the new Testament not the Old Testament.

Constantly looking behind at our mistakes and wishing we had acted otherwise is behaving like the one who buried his talent.
But embracing life with both its disapointments and happines and working with what we have to better ourselves is acting like the other guys who were talented.

So lets stop wishing we could turn back time….but rather realise we can achieve whatever we want to, granted we have Today!


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