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A good title is alluring. But then a good content can be moving and even convincing. Evol is a mirror image of the much praised and talked of word- Love. Okay…you didn’t know about that? Let me assume you did.
Why are we always told(figuratively) to look in the mirror in order to see our mistakes? Why do we look at ourselves in the mirror(literally) before leaving the house? It is because the mirror is a reflection of who we are and how we look respectively.

I feel like talking about love because like I realised everybody knows about it but then nobody really knows just like the famous John Legend sang.

There is love and there is lust….both of which can last depending on the effort applied by the wiser or seemingly to be in control party.
Now I know someone is already saying that love is forever which I also agree…but then does it mean the divorce cases were never in love? Actually some were, and the person who was in control kind of slipped or more appropriately sleeped while at it only to wake up a loner. Ofcourse some lust ones last and over time either love has grown or perseverance which is a virture has been cultivated. I hope you can read my mind to realise there is some place up above where I have been sarcastic in a sattirical manner.

Like every Tom, Dick and Miguna I know that love grows in stages i.e the friendship stage then pretence stage punctuated by rejection or sometimes put to a stop by the same….rejection i.e…then denial stage …followed by acceptance and most commonly break up or is it freedom?…..I wonder freedom from what yet everyone has a choice….unless you are a chicken in an egg which has been incubated for twenty eight days!

During the mentioned stages there is an apparent transition in the parties involved. There is a lot of conformity and adaptation into a lifestyle or liking for things previously ignored or abhorred….all because some wise crack addict branded a Philosopher once said that love is about sacrifice. If i can recall well what Mr. Kamuri my English teacher back in Testimony Primary School taught me, when something is sacrificed it is bound to get wiped out from the existance of our cyclic planet earth. So yeah here I give my controversial opinion that love is not about sacrifice. It beats logic as to why you would gladly offer yourself as a sacrifice in the name of evoL!
I might not be able to give an answer as to what love is but certainly I can use the method of elimination like I do in Multiple Choice Questions.

As I was saying during the steps people change from being open and frank to being kinda open and less of frank….in the name of caring, then to being totally fake and fake all in the name of protecting and since the earth is not heaven and every human soul always seeks adventure and trouble or storm in a too calm situation, the parties break their covenant in search of a thrilling experience. Maybe that is what Hillary Clinton needed during the Monica Lewinsky saga because she came out all guns in defence of her husband in whose underpants were found what was genetically proved but media wise and society wise ‘alleged’ to be Monica Lewinsky’s pubic hair. As far as am concerned she is still Mrs Clinton to date.

By any chance am not justifying extramarital affairs but then once in a while we need to be reminded where we are. Like right now I was so absorbed in writing till I forgot where I was and its only the lack of an example to prove my point that made me realise am in the Mess because my roommate Caesar has exiled me in his bid to do some courting. He has even cooked beef meat. Wow the dude is in love. Mark you I havent said is in evoL. But then if some evoL arises along the way I know he will be wise enough not to let it go too far.

Am watching olympics by the way and these guys can swim. And Michael Phelps is number one. Unfortunately for the competitive likes of mine love is not a race. The name itself is so short and its form doesnt allow any metric unit to be added in front of it.

What am saying is love can erupt from anywhere but then its upto the party which makes the other party feature as parties in a sentence to make sense to see to it that they remain in love or lest the mirror will project evoL to you.

However if by any chance you fell asleep and the mirror came,then you should know that second chances do exist. Otherwise the word second would not be there. So in such a case just get another mirror and get a second reflection and smile or grin because you will have changed evoL to Love.

But before you love anyone please love yourself.


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