Mbchb stroke eleven Part 2…continued

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……Miriam is an amazing person. The only person who has an invention of Jobs in class…..so far.
We realise that after all is said about people they still retain the abilty to change what should come since every new day comes with a gift of betterment.

Joy….Joy. I know most of you are wondering what I will write here. I know what I did and it’s not what you think I did. It’s what she knows I did. And it’s why me and her are better friends. I know the same might not be said of her and Aggy who were best friends before Sam came in but then thats life…yeah that’s exactly how I dismiss it…..that’s life. Thing is I have a lot of respect for her and me and her are somewhere there…yeah just look up for a second…yeah thats where me and her are!

I can’t breakdown block five to individuals because they are alike….they sing,laugh,talk and even gossip in an identical manner…did I say Gossip? Oh sorry I meant worship…pardon my tongue. On the same note is a person who they sing with….Cele-brity….maybe am the only one who knows but really she has a hug! Not forgetting Anita whom I have come to like coz she loves to say awesome like I do plus she is awesome. I almost forgot Arlene coz in her usual slow ‘hakuna matata’ fashion the thought about her has crept into my mind just the same manner. She is one chic who has been misunderstood by many. But am here to clear/echo that by saying I have also misunderstood her a number of times but then we took a month to understand Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology so six years God willing is enough…however she is fun to be with and you can actually learn a lot about life from her.
Someone said Cheche normally poses like a praying mantis so i will talk about him next and hope his cover is not blown. Cleo actually had a fear of cadavers during first sem. He is the only dude I know who has done pole dancing with trees when he was high! I would put him as part of the 8c,9c family since we were almost shot at keep left one day…ofcourse the others ran away coz the only way you can be shot using a rungu is by being clobbered….but trust Cleo and Caesar to be law abiding citizens…they actually did like American movies…they freezed!

Coming down to Mogadishu we have the likes of Ether whom we all remember had an issue with Obure concerning his attire. Ether is the most fun person among them. Always at per with political news. Sometimes you just find yourself wishing his trousers were also at per with his legs.

8c, 9c….if there are guys who should join their counterparts at fass theatre then its them. Guys who will not read like the rest but then fuss about when they go average in the CATs. It’s a family because we have brothers and a sister in law. All we are awaitng is for the tag uncle Sam, Uncle Caesar And Uncle Otundo to become functional…God forbid. Going to Kweri for ‘the lecture’ was probably a comedy. You should have heard while guys were being talked to….they spoke of visions they would finally put in place…maybe the spirit of Martin Luther King was around us.
Anyway every aspect of life that requires seriousnes is punctuated with fun. How else do you explain guys who watch Spartacus before a discussion and end it with an Eddy Griffin comedy?

Hoseah the gentleman….indeed he is and that is why he picked a pen for lady of Mercy and since then the two haven’t looked back. Bildad..who names people in his contacts basing on diseases he has learnt in class is a funny person when he laughs. I think he is fit because he even does more excercise when he laughs than Fridah and Delilah as they jog. Mwadime can laugh….and he is probably the only guy who has been so blest in the Thursday fellowship till he left his trouser behind and blamed it on his roommates.

Well there is a lot to be said like how Oyolo can sing and at the same time provide an instrument to his singing by doing clicking and humming sounds, or how how Nobert likes refering to his neighbour when he has a problem and how Joan thinks Nobert’s King size tummy makes him appear peaceful or how Mollet’s choice of words are just interesting as they sometimes remind me how lower primary was awesome or how she tenses before and after an exam making you wish you would have seen her during the exam because she is funny when she is tensed…-appearance-wise i.e
But then I sit back and appreciate everyone of you because you guys are all awesome.

I decided to put Willis here at the end because he probably will need to read this part fourty times in order to load it. Therefore I have it at the end so that it’s easily accesible.

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    mmhh now I dont know if I should say thank you or put a smiling smiley. Your english is way ahead of me Ronedion. Either way thanks for reading and commenting….yeah al keep them coming


  2. Sam Asselo says:

    thanks Noshkababy for dropping by. And thanks for teaching me english way back during you and I know when*wink*


  3. Ella kemboi says:

    great piece of work….am just smiling even though i dont kno the pips…good english btw!


  4. Ronedion says:

    i like your novel creativity coupled with precise observance that supersedes that of an eagle. kudos comrade. keep them coming…


  5. Sam Asselo says:

    Thank you very much for stopping by. A paragraph you ask for? Well I can give you a thousand words whenever….. Which is it that you dint get?


  6. J. Medina says:

    Hehe! Great piece of work Sam 😀 :-D:-D
    I havnt stopped laughing since i started readn :-D:-P
    Wish i had a paragraph to myself though, haha!!! Sam naona ukipigwa ngumi soon.

    I dint get the frst one though 😦