Reasoning along Needs vs Wants.

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Introduction

If today I came across the mythical Fairy God-mother and she gave me a chance to make a wish….or let me go classical and replace a wish with 3 wishes, honestly I am pretty sure I would start wishing I had wished for other very different things say a day or so from today.

A very close person to me once asked me to take a look at what I want and what I actually need with regards to an issue which was a source of confusion to me. As easy as it may seem to you…wait till you are faced with such a question one day. It was pretty obvious what I needed….so obvious! But then I wanted something else. I decided to put that thought off but every time my mind would wander off into my thoughts…the answer lay there just at the start of thoughts….an answer I chose to ignore.

A greater percentage of situations termed dilemma are really a case of need vs want. The mind is so perfect in its choices…working unaided, it weighs the differences between want and need and what we are bound to lose should we make either of the choices.However, as you may have experienced, opting for what we need is the better option since what we lose don’t haunt us….however if we go for what we just want then what we forewent will serve to haunt our conscience. Too bad for the cases where the damages done by the choices are irreversible.

I want a Bugatti Veyron, I want a house in Murano islands, I want a fat bank account, I want I want I want! But then I only need to be alive, in perfect health and in a sound state of mind and maybe I’ll be able to achieve all that I want…now thats what matters!

The line which seems thin that exists between need and want in a typical dilema scenario is so percieved as thin because of confusion. Under clear reasoning its all about making the right choice.

However if you want to add your thoughts on this article….ask yourself if you really need to.


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