The skunk has no apologies

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today you are You. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Yourer than You.
Dr. Seuss quotes. (American writer and Cartoonist).

Everyone is born with a unique feature(s) which sets them apart from other indivuduals and this makes the world an awesome place to live in. The Almighty must have been very specific on this such that he gave each one of us that one thing that might be embarassing at times.

I really dont know what comes to your mind when MJ is mentioned. For me it’s a guy who decided to alter his looks just because either he was not contented being black or saw it too privileged to be black. Am saying honoured because the lighter guys branded whites, do go for tans as well as spend cash on sun screens…which I being black don’t even think of. So MJ changed hisself and his nose.

Speaking of nose….I think Sam people can be easily recognised due to the uniqueness of their noses….be it bulbous or flat or sharp! For some people its the habits they posses. A guy named Alfayo feels good lying on his stomach i.e pronating no matter how full he might be. Caesar is so much into eating from a sufuria till he had to use Arlene’s bowl-sized plates to satisfy his conscience. Joy feels her point is well expressed when she clenches her teeth while at it. Nahida feels her laughter is well done when she slaps,kicks or do other…well kinda awkward moves. Brayo Thau is only satisfied after a meal when he licks his plate clean using his tongue. Aggy used to feel happy by rotating where she is standing….twas always a sight….till I made her aware of it. Ether feels fully dressed when his trousers are left having an identical crisis as to whether they are actually trousers or long shorts. Zenab feels happy when she tells you bye in Kiswahili words you dont know e.g Kwaheri Mrengo!

I like it when people are theirselves. If people faked who they are then life would be dull… If tomorrow Francis Atwoli starts behaving like the cool Najib Balala? Or President Kibaki tries to talk like his American counterpart? That’d be a waste of personalities.

I know I always end by stating the main thought as to what is the jist of the article. If I opt for a different approach today that wont be me. Because I realised my friend Willis always reads and knows he will understand everything at the end by my simple conclusions. Well to Willis here I go…. Dont ever fake it… yourself and dont apologise for being (figuratively) a skunk…because thats the best form of you. Other people might try to imitate or fake you but then you remain the one who can pull whichever they have on you in the only original way.

Have a genuine Sunday evening!


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