Unsicherich für de Seben August.

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The uncertainty of August 7th is what the title simply means when translated to English. My German fluent friends notably Caesar came up with it because the other one Gertrude, was yet to wake up at 9 a.m.

This article is meant for read by all persons alive. Be it a primary school kid, or pupil for those who have stopped using pencils for all their writings, high school students and most importantly college and University placed individuals. However the date is of specific importance to a group of people who in total are 74. Yep! The MBChB stroke Eleven.

During an exam everyone does their best to prepare unless of course you give up after getting a lower mark beginning with a zero. After the exam you realise where you went wrong, but then after a while, a relaxing feeling comes on you since you imagine all that you guessed somehow were right answers….sometimes I wonder why we assume yet we can confirm. Maybe its coz we don’t want to leave our imaginary comfort zones. But then on a day like today when the results are due tomorrow even that which you were certain of seems wrong. As a result the tension builds up.
What is created is the uncertain wait a.k.a. Unsicherich für de Seben August!

If at all there will be a case of a resit in Anatomy, Dr. Kweri is going to make that phone call and after saying hi and inquiring how your holiday is he will quickly chirp in, ” you know you’re gonna do a lesit?”

Dr. Obure won’t even say hi to you…especially if you’re a dude. He will tell you how you were among those who missed his lessons for fear of Biochemistry CATs. He will go ahead to call you a Musketeer then wish you a safe journey due in two weeks.

Dr. Brian will ask Mastuff if the cows are having a good time grazing or if they were taken to the community dip on Saturday, if the milk production is affected by the cold weather and if he is still reading Ganong! He will ask Patricia about her ambitions of joining the next tpf…certainly not as a singer because singers have good voices.

Dr. Obonyo’s phone call will probably begin by asking everyone who has a resit in Bchem if they are; Ajwala, Conrad Opemi, Agnes or Mokua Stephanol. He will then take his time to explain about Exam rules starting from those applicable in the exam room all the way through the marking process and finally back to the exam room during a resit. Ofcourse he will ask if you have any questions and that’s where I will ask him what he is setting in the exam!

For those who will be called by Mr. Gikuru just know that it doesn’t matter if you attended all the lessons you will still be branded a Distant Learner. Good thing with him is that he is so democratic he will give you an option of choosing the Resit or a full year Retake!

By any chance if The philosopher calls you….he will tell you the son of man wants you back because your brain during the exam was Tabula Rasa and all you did write was rumours!

Like Curtis (the 2nd year not the rapper) told me, Aggy and Kevo Medina, its at that point when those who can’t face their parents to tell them of a resit will have to come up with ideas such as there is a Medical Camp whose fee will coincidentally be equivalent to the transport fee from your place to Nakuru plus the lunch money. Which simply put means Aggy will ask for a camp fee of Sh. 42/= …i.e. Two chapos and Two Ndengus in the Mess!

Probably if Dr. Obure calls me I will pretend there is a network problem and just say hello continuously. When he finally hangs up and opts to text I will text back and tell him my screen is spoilt.(for fun even if he will wonder how I texted then).

Ofcourse by tomorrow evening no one will be having a resit according to statistics done by Pride- department of Steadman’s Polls.
But then the prolific contributors to Egerton School of Med page on Facebook will suddenly go silent because of ‘low bundles’ or will keep up with their contributions but all of a sudden become fascinated in Endocrinology or HMP or Iodine Metabolism or Monosacharide derivatives and even Pulse deficit as well as law of Laplace which Dr. Obure finds the L to be R!

I wonder if the situation when the guys meet in school will be like, ” Ghai! Ata wewe uko?” and also if they will make a covenant like we used to in Primary School about not telling others. But for some reason we would trust that the person we tell would keep it to themselves…who in turn trusted their confidants to keep it too.

To be honest my Biochem Book is probably my closest pal…still closed. I hope it remains so for the rest of this holiday…if not I will open it tomorrow.

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