When you hurt that one Person.

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Deep thoughts

I wasn’t planning to write a post tonight. However today has really been a good day and I should have predicted that it wont end in a similar fashion. This is what has transpired, in a haste to echo what I was thinking concerning an issue, I have done something thats hurting my heart,mind and conscience.

Obviously everyone has that one person in their life who understands them because they always find theirselves pouring out to that person whenever an issue crops up. They are the ones you go to when some issues in other quotas are not working out. So you can imagine the feeling I have of distress more or less the same feeling you get when you are lost. Since this time round I don’t know where to begin from.

Thanks to our Technologically savy generation, you get to learn of what you have done wrong ASAP but then you get to be as restless as a lion pacing in its cage since the phone which is the only mediator…is switched off. And like me you are left with that feeling of guilt, a terrible feeling of what you have done and the operator’s voice echoing the words that the number you are calling cannot be reached!

At such a moment we pray that all that’s been pulling us together will take charge of the situation so that both parties look at the issue seperating them, compare them with whats been bringing them together, and make the right choice of letting bygones be bygones and recovering the friendship at stake which has taken so much time and nurturing for it to reach it’s level.

I still believe to date that making friends is easy but keeping them is where the whole concept of friendship makes a meaning. Because a lot of discipline and caring is involved.

For all out there in a simillar situation,take heart and accept your mistakes before it’s too late.
For those with friends and having small issues which you might be ignoring, please stop and attend to them before they build up and become distorted hence complicating a lot.

I know you will read this article and maybe wonder why I blogged about it so soon. Well you are that important to me as such there is no so soon in trying to make things right with you. I dont have that ego anymore…that one you have always tried to work on.

Goodnight bloggers. Have friendly dreams!


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