In need of a Sound Mind

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Deep thoughts

In need of a Sound Mind.

  1. hosshik says:

    enlightened we nid to b. Da tribal line bulls*** ni ya tene, d@z a gud one bro, we really in nid of a sound mind@


  2. Neon says:

    wish it were, realy do. Though, it’s Mike. So, again do I ask, would I be in trouble?


  3. jaybichiy says:

    George!!! finally getting smwhr…enhee..ya pili? Otieno??


  4. Neon says:

    love the intro. Remarkably done. It sure is a topic that we ought to keep in consideration and for that do we say thank you. My second name is George; am I also in trouble just in case?


  5. jaybichiy says:

    preaching peace …very timely.
    we need that this time round..
    i love the idea and how it’s been conceived poetically…
    Go on Babe!!!