In need of a Sound Mind

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Deep thoughts

Cursor blinking as the mind opens.
The lines growing as the idea burdens.
Now I become amiably alerted.
For certainity as to why the idea started.
And if the purpose of intent twill serve.
Then only gratitude to you will I have.

How for granted we take the phrase a sound mind.
Like stale issues we throw any considerations behind.
In a country with culture-rich differences.
You wonder why tribal lines are common offences.
That always seem to appear publicly inelegant.
But at the comforts of ‘Watu wetu’ is topically a snippet.

The simplest diversity will be brought up.
Like how my tan is not sharp.
Followed by a ‘where do you come from?’
And I wonder how, ‘whats ur second name?’ becomes a norm.
I become surprised when they use their vernacular.
Just to make me feel uncomfortable and peculiar.

Embryology teaches me about Human development.
Equal is how the Bible and Quran says we were meant.
But then you will find me machete in hand.
Not for trimming my fence but for beheading her Child.
Later back home given a warm reception.
For getting rid of the unworthy in the nation.

If only you could see me for who I am.
To me that can only be Sam.
Even my dog Lucky knows as much.
Yet has never stepped in a church.
Are the animals suddenly more humane than us?
And shall we be taught how to be humane in a class?

Find out what you value.
If it’s just you and your ‘people’ then you really need a lesson which my dog can give you.
Maybe I am harsh…but I’d rather be harsh than see bodies of Morara,Katana,Nzioki,Njuguna,Kiprop,Wafula and Omondi litter the streets like trash!

…………Turning that new Leaf…………..


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