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Having stayed away from Eldoret for 8 months, I was very psyched up for the August Holidays when finally I would return to the land which until the London Olympics, has been reknowned for producing the Elite athletes in Kenya. The only thing that was standing between me and this awaited reunion was the End year exams. However with the exams done, and fingers crossed for the one subject I only wrote rumours where I was to write answers, I gladly left Njoro for Eldoret.

I must say that apart from the fact that Eldoret seems to lack City council workers who can maintain its cleanlines, probably because it’s yet to become a city, I was pleased with the level of development. Don’t worry about Eldoret…it will certainly become a City if Mombasa manages to break away. Seriously what do the (for lack of a better term) noisemaking members of Mombasa Republican Council smoke inorder to chant, ‘Pwani Sio Kenya!’?… I thought the stuff which makes a person do that was illegal! Anyway, for guys who actually wait for coconuts to fall off a coconut tree, I can confidently bet they will succeed when my nephew Ethan is as old as Methuselah!

This article is not meant for Eldoret but rather the reality of Kimumu-Eldoret as it’s hitting me concerning the day to day life that I will have to endure and enjoy with equal measure for the next month while at home. That makes it perfect doesn’t it? Endure and enjoy in equal measure…awesome!

As opposed to my two brothers and mum, I wake up when the sun is up and only when there is need of my participation in whichever activity that doesn’t require much skill. Like today morning at around Twenty minutes to nine is when I was woken up by the unmistakable voice of Mama Sam calling my name. It is almost like she always knows the best time to interupt the lazy late morning sleeping!
As expected I was just needed to put the beans out in the sun. Sounds simple? Actually they are in different stages of harvesting and processing…some still raw, some slightly dried but still in the pods, while some already ‘processed’ if I may:). I have to add that this year is a bounty harvest…or simply the highest yet thanks to the efforts applied by the ever industrious Mama Sam!

Atleast the dogs droppings had already been collected today by God knows who unlike yesterday when I had to. I am yet to start ascociating myself with the two sheep present at the moment, the cow is not yet being milked so there is reduced work around. My source of entertainment which was the rabbits’ family were wiped out by New castle’s disease am told…the whole lot of them! However, it being a farm that is run by The Headmistress, (a term Mama Sam got because she runs a boys school…our home) work will always be here even if the manpower is increased seven fold!

If by any chance you may be acquainted with those guys who choose who will be nominated for Nobel prizes, do nominate The Headmistress. She actually travelled from Maragoli to Eldoret with seedlings of indegenous trees. Which were all planted around the perimeter of our farm…..mark you they were more than 500 seedlings! So today after cutting some trees which were a nuisance I told her that finally work was done only to be reminded that the young indegenous trees need weeding not to mention the more than 300 already present!

Don’t get me wrong am not complaining. Thing is nothing comes on a silver platter. Therefore the fresh milk that will soon be coming from the cow, the tasty meat from the ducks loitering around and getting fat or maybe a chicken, (but then The headmistress really loves them so it’s not happening soon…) the fresh vegies of wide variety in her vegetable garden and the numerous eggs are what makes me feel happy with Farm Life…not mentioning the fresh air which has been greatly purified by the numerous trees lined up in the periphery.

I am actually hoping to have a relaxing holiday far from the incessant hooting of cars and goodness of the tarmac road. Thats why since Sunday I am yet to leave the compound.

Wherever you might be spending your holiday at, appreciate the place and explore what it has to offer and make sure you are of some value to your loved ones.

But the bottomline is that Farm Life is the best treat for a one month Holiday.:p


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