Ignorance is bliss

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

You go to that Government office to inquire about some information say why your Electricity bill always delays…the person who is to attend to your specific query is out for lunch and wont be in for like two hours…but because his/her workmates dont want to blow their cover and appear as Underperfoming at work, they tell you to wait and that he is just coming soon!

You apply for a job, then you are summoned for an interview. They have your hopes raised. After the interview you are told they will be in touch and your hopes soar up higher till you thank God for including all your contact details in the application form just incase your Safaricom line is off when they call. However you will never be called and they did it for your own good.

He looks away for a moment when she tells him how much she has always loved him and still does. Her eyes are sincere. He thinks quickly and replies with a reply that sends her flying into his arms. Truth is the guy is no longer in love. He stopped loving her a long time ago but has always kept up the act so as to ‘protect’ her…because according to him, she can act irrationally if he comes clean. He has another girlfriend who has even began pressurizing him to break up with the ‘unstable’ one.

I am pretty sure both you and I have been in such a scenario one time or many times before. Either as the ‘protector’ or sad enough the one in the dark but happy because everything appears smooth. Ignorance is bliss am told but then I know Knowledge is power…therefore deliberately denying knowledge to a person is weakening them!

If my knowledge on The Constitution is clear enough I believe theres an act which provides grounds for Prosecuting a person who witholds information of a certain type.

However we shouldn’t get there especially in a relationship. The situation arises when one party feels like they are the most responsible of the two therefore in place to effect control on what is put out the same way Dr.Alfred Mutua does. Problem comes in when the Protector is busted or at one time slips up.
The other party feels nothing but disgrace,anger and resentment for being treated like a child.

I’d be lying when I claim I haven’t been in both situations. But then, ask yourself if you would rather be left in the dark or told the truth in a matter concerning you.

Well,think about it as a Utilitarian.


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