Will you be there?

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Back then when wrestling still had honour, there was one American guy whose name I have forgotten.
I really loved watching his fights because I could confidently predict that he would win his fights. The guy would be beaten to a pulp by his opponent…really beaten no matter how hard he tried. When he was ‘finished’ and the opponent comfortable enough to let the Ref count to three, he would put his hand up as if to imply he has raised the white flag.

At this moment, his many fans in the arena as well as me back at home, would shout his name followed by ‘USA!!’ continuosly. This worked wonders….he would gather the packets of energy and struggle to his feet…all the while we would continue with our wonder working chant.

In no time he would be the one smiling and to my childish amusement his opponent left in a serious pulp! Back at home I would be left telling everyone, ”I told you, didn’t I?”

Similarly, sometimes in our relationships the one we love struggles to do somethings right. Many times the problems they are facing beats them to a pulp to a point where giving up appears as a leeway. Personally am talking from a personal experience. At such a point they usually raise their hand, not so that you take it or assume they have given up. But so you can shout out their name. So that you can make them remember they have someone who believes in their abilities. When you do that you see them doing things right. You see them becoming happier. You see them conquering their battles and you feel them loving you more for believing in them when the world was watching expecting their downfall.

Be that voice that rejuvenates the person you love. Don’t posses the heart or mind that gives up…you might be that person that I am weakly but surely looking out for when everything for some reason is not going okay.

Will you be there for that person who knows you believes in them?


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