Of its own kind.

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

The sight of it makes you shake your head.
Not in dismay nor in dread.
Because you realise its just your friend.
Who in a little while the laws of nature will bend.
For that sort of experience you won’t want to end.

Finding a good cosy spot by the river,
It’s respected since it doesn’t spoil your liver.
The cold grass you sit on makes you shiver.
But worry not, for in a while an out of the world taste you will savour.

Upto now, the sound heard is only the river and the trees.
When it’s lit, the first wave gives you a sense of bliss.
Subsequently the world and nature comes to their knees.
As your lips and the Hero embrace in a kiss.

Eyes respond as if exposed to onions.
Trees and nature respond in amusing motions.
The body produces laughter among other sweet emotions.
The cold grass develops butt warming conditions.
At this point you wish to send out a shout out and dedications.

You have to admit it now!
When you walk back everyone exclaims wow!
Because with you is swag in tow!
Your favourite music playing in your ears as the grass bow!

………………. You gotta love it……………..


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