Of texts and social networks.

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Texting and chatting all the way to ‘love’ using the social networks media has become a norm. Families have been started by a simple friend request on Facebook, soulmates have been brought together by the same and relationships have been cemented too.

On the downside, break ups have been made easier using a DM on Twitter or an inbox in facebook or by SMS.
For the vultures who are always there to offer consolation for their selfish gain after a break up, their reason of existance has been reiterated after break ups and divorces have risen due to the Social Media.

Lately I have been solving a lot of issues…silly issues mostly. The parties involved being quite a distance from me, social media have come in handy. No more issues as at now…or so it seems.

Since the aspect of totally solving an issue via the Social services is still a dream, I like to use the opportunity to just to keep in touch with those beefin’ with me.
After all they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

For starts chatting offers me an opportunity to cook and present my answers in the most convincing manner.
Secondly I get the courage to speak out on how I dislike some people without sounding malicious because I always have an option of putting a smiling face at the end…:)
Lastly but of the greatest value I get to put my phone in an Auto pilot mode. I.e I reply to the long boring texts with exclamations just to keep the conversation going. But I am always careful to check for a question mark at the end first.

Thats why after every issue solving via text I will always have a follow up in form of a phone call or a one on one conversation. This usually is a plus on me because it is interprated as being committed to ironing out even the tiny whiny issue…during which I pay utmost attention.

I wont say vibing on facebook is stupid…that will be inconsiderate of me since the Sissies also have a place in the society. But please desist from telling a chic with Alicia Keys’ picture as her profile pic, how stunningly beautiful she is!

Other times some people totally ignore signs which imply you are trying to kill a conversation. So they are irritantly tryna resuscitate it despite the obvious hints….in their minds thinking that you are playing hard to chat.

Certainly I give it to the ladies who will do a dozen of other tasks and still chat with a number of hopeful ‘suitors’. They will curse to their girlfriends how a certain idiot is a nuisance but you the idiot will recieve a reply to ur lame vibe starting as ‘awww…so sweet!’

By any chance do not get carried away by the contents of this post.

Speaking of Posts, earlier on I came across a post in facebook whereby a University dude was expressing confussion because her form two Cousin wants him to have sex with her.
The replies were good enough because people were expressing disgust!
However, the one that caught my eye was this, ”Shida kwa wazazi kuuza n’gombe halafu wanasomesha n’gombe University!”

have a nice evening guys!


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