Stages are inevitable but so is change

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Reality Check

A very close friend of mine Zenab loves butterflies. She even calls herself a butterfly.
Butterflies are among the prettiest, harmless yet useful flying insects in our planet.
The way they fly when courting or when signalling onset of a rainy season is just awesome.
I wonder if at that stage we visualize that at some point they were ugly and fat caterpillars which devoured every vegetation in sight.
However that was a stage that is very crucial in their metamorphosis.

Like the butterflies too, human beings do go through stages.
The most common being the stage of adolescence characterised by a lot of questions, know it all attitude but still a search of an identity.
Unfortunately, for some people, it extends beyond past the teenage age gap.

The question of when we should come in to advise or correct a person during a stage they are in whether adolescence or during middle age crisis is really a contentious issue.
Sometimes, ‘Mtoto akililia wembe, mpe,’ works. Other times ‘Asiyefunzwa na mamake hufunzwa na ulimwengu’ takes charge and the results could be disastrous.
Parents, guardians, siblings, relatives, close friends and even
our teachers always pray for the best for us and it hurts them when they see us blindly neglecting the concern of ourselves.

However, the problem with being lost or blind(figuratively) is that we can never know not unless someone points it out to us. Even so, it will take time for us to realize if indeed we are wrong. Even God our creator knows that we are blind and naked yet we do not know >Revelation 3;17-18.

On numerous occasions have we been in stages in which the desires of our body rule over our self control and logical reasoning. A few which would entail drinking and smoking, joining the bandwagon of shenanigans who believe premarital sex is the in thing and generally being rebellious.
It is during this moments when we get carried away in a falling traited experience, that voices of reason come to our rescue.

The voices of reason, presents in form of the people I mentioned earlier who have clear and pure concerns for us.
Being humans and thus defensive in nature, we will quote the example of the caterpillar. However God gave us a Soul and a mind which is able to make a clear distinction between wrong and right…..a caterpillar has no choice.

Being the kind of person who always makes decisions in a rush, am glad I have voices of reason in my life. All I pray for is a humble and contrite personality so that I don’t pay the heavy cost of being stubborn through the dreaded experience. It’s the best teacher I am told, but then it gives the test before teaching.

Lets appreciate the effort put forward by those people who have taken it upon themselves to ensure we remain on track in whatever pursuit we are on.

However every one has a choice. A choice which has a finality characterised by looking back and regretting or looking back and thanking God for bringing such a person into our lives.

Which choice will you make?

Dedicated to my Parents, brothers and my friend Zenab(Toto)Thabit and Noni Jay for their tireless but productive efforts.

…………………The End……………….

  1. denshispeaks says:

    An awesome piece!


  2. Sam Asselo says:

    thank you for ur thought on the piece. I was actually wondering who you are…..till I remembered your my brother! Hizo combination za majina ni unique