The love hate relationship

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Routine, Uncategorized

It isn’t an oxymoron. Love hate is an interpersonal type of relationship between two people who love each other, but one of the party has a grudge accruing from past issues…which the other party is aware of, or where love is no more but the two feel obligated to be there for each other hence friendship is forged…in the most common occurence it occurs among siblings.

This term applies to many otherwise normal people.
It could be that girl you made an approach to….but rejected you.
That guy you have a crush on but is taken.
Or that funny but irritating person who has a way of making you happy and annoyed with equal measure and lastly that sibling of yours who seems to please everybody but you….or always has a dont care approach on things which no one but you notices.

Having love hate relationships is not being weird…as long as it doesn’t defines all your relationships.

Personally I have friends whom I had some misunderstandings with….which of course was sorted and forgiven but is being forgotten.
There are the moments when we are all happy and I wish it would last forever. Then some few times you get a sickening feeling at the thought or sight of the person. You forget all the good qualities the person usually has. You even find yourself swearing not to ever involve yourself with them.

The good thing though about the love hate relationship is that love always dominates! The hate comes usually when you as an individual is experiencing personal stressing issues, or is so tired and irritable or most commonly needs a person to open up to but when they fail to read your mind to realise the problem, you get all worked up…..for nothing.

Many people have lost their closest and uniquely created friends because they were in the mentioned states above. In a haste to give people a piece of their mind, they point out publicly all the weakneses of their friends….which might all be true but then so hurting.
Thus even after an apology, nothing remains the same…since the definition of a friend has been greatly violated.

However, aknowledging that you have a love hate relationship with some people is the first step towards nurturing life long friendships.
Maybe it’s their behaviour,their singing, their snoring, their eating habits, ruggednes or know it all attitude that just pisses you off.
But as you have already realised, this comes once in a while albeit with such an intensity which can make you do something, which you will, later in an apology, call stupid.

Getting time off from the scene or the person or getting into a world of your own maybe by the use of ear-phones works a lot. Hey Caesar now hold that thought right there….I dont do loud music because I hate you hehe…am usually in a club and you know that…and sometimes….I dont want to hear your chewing hehe!

By doing that thing which will distract you,your state of hate will cool down to levels where your sanity and love rules.

Treasure your friends!

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    hehe….must have made you think of you and Evans! Thanks for leaving a comment.


  2. Sam Asselo says:

    well I really hope so….if that theory is true then I will have so many lasting friendships! Thanks for leaving a comment!


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  4. Neon says:

    love hate….mmmmh……interesting. Love the humour…Oh and who is it this time? And it is true that such are the kind that’ll build longer lasting friendships…I think.


  5. denis kibet says:

    hehe..i couldn’t agree more with this piece..xo true..