Let them come!!!

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Routine

On August 6th I woke up early to do an article which had a German title. You will recall how we were all tensed for the results. Personally at some point I got scared when I came back into the house and found two missed calls from an unknown number.
I am glad I didn’t have Airtime otherwise I’d have stammered through the whole innocent conversation much to the amusement of the person on the other end.

Then there was the period of the rumours which kept coming in fresh,updated and different in that it depicted the situation going from bad to worse and finally worst which was delivered by Dr. Calvin Oyolo as a comment in my status. According to his statistics, there were 52 resits in Biochemistry and about 74 resits in computer!

I think people still haven’t understood that resits aren’t charged by a certain amount of fee. The likes of Emmanuel have been wondering the excuse they will tell their parents if they have two papers to sit for considering one paper is rumored to cost Ksh. 1500/=. Resits are free. You actually pay for them when you dont reach the cut mark…with your expensive and precious holiday hours being spent on books!

Whatever the individual outcome that will be there at the end of today(if the Biochemistry guys dont put it off again), let us not be hard on ourselves and start talking of ‘ I wish I couldve’ or ‘If only I had…’ I am sure we all did our best and it was the First year. Most of us were green. Atleast during 2nd year we will have learnt a lot of lessons applicable in class, life, CATs and even how to survive in Riverview!

After all is said about the results due today I have faith in God that everything will work out fine for each and everyone of us.
Have a good day guys!

Lemme now turn the music up!!

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    OMG! Ur kidding me Joanne!


  2. J. Medina says:

    But resits aint free. It’s sh1,000 per paper for H12 and sh.15K each fot HP12. Check out EUMEDSA details.


  3. Sam Asselo says:

    Have a good day too n thanks for stopping by!


  4. jaybichiy says:

    have a good day too 🙂