Looking back

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s one of those evenings when you just wish every family member was at home. Stories flowing uninhibited like the R. Nile. Memories being visited and relatives who were contacted a long time ago talked of. It’s me, Dan and Ma’ Sam.

Among the topic that came up is the joy of a mentor when his protege grows to be like what he has been taught to be.
The story switched to the happiness of a parent to see their kids grow up and become better than them.

While giving them an insight into the functions of the cerebellum, the point only sunk in when I pointed out the example of a pit Latrine usage….which for some people, is as hard to get right like the biblical camel through a needle’s eye.
Atleast she has learnt and perfected a fine skill which a Prof. Chan taught me…despite her ring finger being in pain because of an infection.

Lately the guys in Kamiti maximum prison and other prisons have become aggressive in their attempts to make easy money using the beloved Mpesa. They will send you a text purporting to be from Mpesa then call you and ask you to just send back half the amount. Woe unto you if you buy their cheap lies! Both Dan and Ma’ Sam have had their share thrice in just two weeks!

The talk moves on to the illegal electricity connections in Tassia Embakasi and how those guys must be cashing in. I really marvel at the way those guys take advantage of the ‘electrical naïveté’ of the consumers. They
will go laying the wires haphazardly and in a disorganized manner which is dangerous yes, but then it ensures no one tries to reconnect the supply when it’s cut off when they fail to pay up. One time, my aunt thought I and a cousin-brother of mine William, would be electrocuted. She was all curses at how disobedient this generation was till the bulb lit…then we became the youth who take matters in their hands!

The story concerning unfaithful spouses came and quickly left with the same way the cheating spouses execute their quickies. It actually arose from a favourite of mine ‘Mulika Mwizi’ which is well done by the talented Kidum and the beautiful and gifted Sanaipei. Ma’ Sam just ended it by saying she doesn’t even know how to use her hubby’s phone so he doesn’t need to go with it to the loo!

It’s been a eventful day and am glad it’s finally coming to an end. Just like I expected the results anticipated were again put off.
Whatever the outcome, my body needs a holiday and right now a sleep…a really long sleep considering some project to turn a cute one pack into some silly six pack is eating into my sleep.

Well, have a good night’s rest reader!

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    hehe nice Noelle,….you say hi to her for me…havent gotten a chance to yet


  2. kemmy kem says:

    Hehehe…this is so my mum!