My Lousy Morning.

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Routine

Today my sweet sleep was disrupted by my shrill ringtone. I woke up with a throbbing headache because I had slept late finishing an ‘assignment’.
A person who calls me his friend just because I have his contact, decided to call me so as to inquire about another person’s number! Really dimwit?!? At that point I mumbled some f*¥€!….+¤^~* and other couple of unprintable words……after which I promised to text him the number.

With the message sent, I think of continuing my sleep so I settle my head on my makeshift pillow.
Ten minutes later, I can easily hear the birds outside chirping….no sleep!
I curse the early caller who disrupted my sleep at nine a.m. in the morning.

I conclude that it’s a futile attempt to seduce sleep. Turning on my back, the first thing that comes to my view is a mosquito peacefully attached to the inside of my mosquito net as if sneering at me sayin ‘I hope you had a good night…..coz I did!’
My contempt peaks when I notice its almost bursting abdomen!

Totally unaware that I sleep on a double decker bed, I go for the Mosquito with my anger, my emotions et all!
Needless to say, I miss it and almost fall down, but my thoughtful head helps me regain balance by getting in touch with the wooden aspect of the bed!

I watch in pain as the silly insect flies out of my vision …honestly they have a lot in common with the caller…both are happy after spoiling my lovely sleep and morning in general.
On my way outside, my brother catches sight of the bulge and laughs while inquiring sarcastically, ‘Leo uliota wewe Mike Tyson ukapatana na Mayweather?’
I ignore him and really hope that the world is a cycle.

Outside, I meet with the Headmistress who reminds me of my work…picking the indigestible food matter of the dogs!
I have to admit I love her being around and I had missed her the two days she was away. However, I really had fun those two days. The music was so loud we had to text each other with my brother while in the house! I also got to wear just a t-shirt and a boxer which really saves time when about to bath, relieve oneself and even going for impromptu short calls…for some people i.e…not me.

At this point I randomly remember how silly some people appear when trying to tell you something which won’t help you…like fashion, soaps and silly discoveries…however I will consider making it a story of another day.
Unlike in school, I get to wash my face regularly…today the Headmistress inquires of something which only I, know of its whereabouts, she sounds impatient so I open my eyes and hope the soapy mess on my face won’t realise the eyes are open…well you know what happens. Whilst getting back, the soap exchanges pleasantry with my eyes and in the process the eye retaliates with tears of joy!
I’m not sadistic, but I hope the caller pays for all this!

The dogs are going viral with their locations. Seems like nowadays I’m playing hide and seek with their defecation…After a couple of rounds doing shit searching, picking and dumping, I finally convince myself that am done.
I again wish a dog trainer would drill it into them that the neighbours’ compounds are the best places to shit!

After breakfast, I realise it’s already noon. Time to write something.
Finally I get the peace I have so much sought since morning.
I start writing about a silly morning only to get a sickening smell. I lift my leg up just in case I stepped on er you know….dog poo…I look at my backside, even my under arm (just in case) but nothing. The first look at my sorounds and damn!
The lazy kitten did it again….but this time it wasn’t under my brother’s bed nor the doormat…it’s on top of the dictionary which I use often!
Could it have done that to punish me for accidentaly stepping on its tail yesterday?

I’m going to kill that cat and if the Animal rights activists question me I will tell them I wanted to prove if cats have nine lives.

With that said leme go do some cat killing!

……………… I’m out! …………………

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    Apparently the saying is true….with regards to the next morning which started of well


  2. Murano Elisha says:

    Siku njema huonekana asubuhi…


  3. Sam Asselo says:

    Let me pretend so that you think sjaifeel…….” Haha I am already loving the work. It’s so interesting. Over time I have become a pro and attached to the shit searching…”:(


  4. kemmy kem says:

    Hehe…wakey wakey….gt to do the shit searching again….