Mutula hold your stance!!

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Praising or acknowledging a Politician for his ideologies at such a time in the Political calendar of our Nation is tantamount to campaigning for the group of people who fit into a sentence in which the word pig is used metaphorically!
However, I stand…or rather state here boldly that the Education Minister, the Honorable Mutula Kilonzo, is one man in the pig group who has talked the sense we’ve so much missed in the Corridors of Power.
By holding his ground in the issue of Holiday Tuition in Kenyan schools, I not only congratulate the man, but also ask and hope the other ‘animals’ emulate him.

TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics (Legal Notice No 137 of 2003) Part 1 Section 15 (1)(a) states: “A public officer shall not charge or accept any fee for tuition of a student, even if the tuition is given outside official working hours.”
The teachers and headteachers who by now have perfected the art of money making, signed the same document having read those terms when they were fresh graduates from college ready to disseminate knowledge to pupils and students whose minds were still tabula rasa.

Am I by any chance drawing bad blood already by the talk of money?

The reason put across by the various Teacher-Union bodies across the country is that there is need for syllabus completion as well as coaching of weak students.
However, the syllabus bit raises the question as to what exactly the teachers were doing during the 16 long, hectic and stressful weeks to students!
The Ministry of Education assigns realistic syllabus coverage for the term, which even after throwing in P.E, Computer, Music, Arts and swimming which are mostly non-examinable, the teachers and students should be able to complete their syllabus in time.
However, during the term, the teachers will miss lessons and spend time either idling in the Staffroom gossiping and/or watching Nigerian movies on the television(if the headteacher is humane) or involve themselves in other income earning activities having the consoling thought that not only will the holiday tuition enable them finish the syllabus, but also earn them extra income!

A critic(whom I have catered for in this paragraph) will now focus on Mutula’s involvement and state that the student’s education matters should be left only to the teacher and parent.
However it is evident the students are tired after a long term and deserve a rest.
Under the Bill of Rights, Article 53(2) provides that a child’s best interest are of paramount importance. As the minister, Mutula will not sit back and watch these rights violated!
No one wants a repeat of cases of unrest as was seen some times back because students were being kept in school all the time.

The several Unions are crying foul to the Moe as well as to TSC (Teachers Service Commission) who have started effecting the Ministerial directive.
Makes me realize that the Teachers have their payslips committed to Banks, Co-operative society, Sacco s and other money lending organizations.
A pity since the tuition fee is their source of daily livelihood.
But then, if we sit back and allow this to go on, then the corrupt policemen would also have a right to go on asking for bribes…this time round even organize a peaceful demonstration.
Quite frankly, the two are similar save for the circumstances involved. One is,” BRIBE ME SO THAT YOU USE THE ROAD” and the other is,”BRIBE ME SO THAT I MAY GIVE YOUR CHILD AN EXTRA LESSON!”….but then innocently put across as,” We need your son or daughter back to school in a week because of need to clear the syllabus and address their weak areas. The tuition fee is………”

Parents must have realized that free education has become just a name….exam fee, remedial classes fee, activity fee, watchman’s salary and to top it all the parents still buy books and uniforms.
Then some people in the Unions fake sympathy and accuse the Minister of being inconsiderate of the poor…….really?
I am glad a teacher even posted a comment in one of our Dailies stating in facts how tuition has come to be just a bi-annual event!

With all that said, I want to wish all the Primary and Secondary school students as well as their teachers a nice and relaxing holiday.

…………………….I’m out!…………………..

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  3. Sam Asselo says:

    Willis yawn…I dont even know if you have abused me in French. Translation please


  4. Hey buda! Hapo umebonga buda!! Bien que j’ai rien attrapé, je suis vraiment émouvé par tout ce qu’il y en a dans ton article.
    Concernant les cours supplementaires, c’est obligatoire qu’ils soient gratuites plutôt que payant.
    Le ministre est correct , disant que la mise en place de la policie ” NO TUITION”.
    Je te supporte mon pote!


  5. Sam Asselo says:

    Hehe Neon it’s now am seeing the absurdity in the ‘im out’ signature….am glad you pointed it out.

    Ur second comment is good enough because you started by listing what was the most important bit during tuition…….The Girls!


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    What’s the deal with the ‘I’m out’ thing; for a moment there i thought it was a rap song that you had written.


  7. neon says:

    I would be lying if i said that i never looked forward to tution; the girls were amazing in all ways plus the prefects were-there were no prefects. Though, the students who didn’t belong to the school paid 1500 per lesson and believe me that that is an understatement. It did help us finish the syllabus – i think- or maybe it was the many tests that we did during the time.


  8. Sam Asselo says:

    Thank you Cko. Next time though leave ur thoughts here…..I wont want to think you had no opinion of ur own besides the complement


  9. Cko says:

    Excellent dude!