I hope it’s a bad dream

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Poetry

You fight for gender equity.
You say you’re the minority.
I wish you would fight too.
When it comes to my love for you.
I always feel like I’m struggling.
With your nature of loving.

My duty always you to persuade,
I’ve had to read your mind to decide,
Whether to let an issue drop or insist.
How I pray from such a habit you would desist.
I wasn’t born a mind reader.
I haven’t learnt such art either.

I feel the distance getting wider,
I feel the burden growing heavier.
The reality harsh as it sets in,
That ours, will be just another happening.
It’s approaching that day when we,
Due to our pride, will have to say goodbye.

But then a thought consoles me,
This fears are just on me…maybe,
That when I sleep then awake,
Nothing between us will ever break.
Except the pride I have a feeling,
My love for you will soon ruin.

  1. Sam Asselo says:

    thank you little man!


  2. Sam Asselo says:

    thanks for stopping by….i hope i will understand


  3. nonijay says:

    nyc 1 ul understand in due tym as for the moment keep juggling the puzzle hehehe


  4. Ayoti says:

    Nyc one sam


  5. Sam Asselo says:

    What I have never understood Neon, is why the ladies behave like we can read their minds. Like we are supposed to know what they think and want…..without which we are inconsiderate and not understanding


  6. Neon says:

    the pride that we have for words not to disburse, the tears that we bear for love in despair…….again never understood this thing called love.