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Posted: August 24, 2012 in Routine
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I had a meeting today in town which went down so fine, till it ended with me wondering what the meeting had entailed. Yep! it was that complicated. Anyway, I am glad it served a much greater purpose….which was to make me poke my nose in other people’s business!

Just after the meeting ended( and also during the meeting), I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the people who were also present in the place…which happened to be a restaurant.
A certain trio caught my eyes. The waiter had just come to their table with the receipt. After assessing the two guys and one lady who were busy relishing their fries and chicken, she slid the turned receipt near one guy.
I digress, why do they turn the receipts in the first place? Is the bill some sort of appetite spoiler?

Anyway, the guy who was dressed in some office attire gave the waiter a look which begged,”Just because I am in a suit doesn’t mean I have money…”
the waiter took the cue and slid it near the other guy. Believe you me, the guy just followed suit and slid it towards the lady. Now that’s what I call gender equity!

You know of those twirps who will tell you on phone how they are just about to get where you are…just to feel intelligent for once?
Well one of the members of that pathetic club, who happens to be a friend of mine was supposed to meet with me so that I hand him an apology of a laptop.
(dont judge me already I do have a few friends whom I derive humour from plus I loved Windows CE too…but truth is, it’s more of a toy…for those who’ve seen it#Khadijah Bashir)

Back to the twirp in question, I realised his lies so I told him I would rather drop it where he was than me waiting since I was in a hurry. He confirmed my suspicions when he told me how he was 3 streets away. To add insult to injury, he asks me when we finally met why I was in such a hurry…really silly? I guess that’s why he is a twirp!

Away, from the madness in town, on my way home in a PSV, I sat behind a couple who were madly in love, or so it seemed, as it were.
Despite the way the seats were barely accommodating them, the dude had his hand round the chics waist making her look like she suffers from scoliosis!
Despite her obvious discomfort, he was vybing her and expecting that somehow his hand would find it’s way up to some places…yeah that’s stupid but then am glad he wasn’t high or drunk because the hands would have been south-bound!

However there’s one thing he did which made the girl remove his hand from her waist.
Everyone laughed at him with ofcourse me laughing the loudest and the longest.

This is what he said,” You know, I really laugh te way you laugh.”
on seeing a weird look on his girl’s face, he repeated in Kiswahili,” napenda sana vile unacheka!”



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