The Uncertain Certainty.

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Reality Check, Routine

According to the online dictionary, certain is an Adjective meaning: Known for sure or established beyond doubt.

From a general point of view we are certain of many things. Certain of our age, our biological parents, our friends, our closer friends, our fears, strengths, weaknesses, our identity and even the one we love.

However, from a Philosophic approach we can only be certain of our age and maybe our biological parents after a Paternity test.
What is it that simply disqualifies all the other general assumptions?
Is it because they are based on feelings as opposed to scientific facts?
Is it because man is more of a pessimist than an optimist?
Or is it because after years of being exposed to actions and people who broke your trust, you just can’t take anything at face value.

In retrospect, when I was growing up, I would believe everything I was told or taught. Children were sold in hospitals, dead people were in a deep sleep and were put in the ground because they would sleep for thousands of years and anything to do with a girl even sitting with them in class was embarrassing, as it were.
As at now, everything makes sense. I was simply told that because I wouldn’t have understood anything had I been given the facts.
A question answered would only serve to sire a cascade of others hence my elders being wise, extinguished my curiosity with explanations as such.

I would like to think myself older now. Think myself able to take in anything. Mature and in control I would love to think I am now.
However, looking at my grandparents back at home, they are never in the hurry I am, they take one day at a time. They talk slow and shake their heads when they see how updated in terms of life I think I am.
To them, they’ve been where I am now. They realised way later that it was all in vain. I tell you why?
Because like me, they had the generalized certain approach as opposed to the philosophic.

In conclusion, let’s never be in a hurry to make decisions and choices based on the generalized certain.
Time and space have a way of ironing out things which we are uncertain of.
Notably issues to do with relationships. The spaciotemporal factors have a way of exposing the wolf in a sheep’s clothing as well as polishing a rough diamond stone into the faceted gem that it inwardly is.

This Friday let us learn to look at things the way our grandparents do and leave it to time and space to make the uncertain become certain.
Well, it doesn’t break a bone to play safe, so why not?


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