Insomnia post.

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Reality Check
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Murphy’s Law is in place tonight considering I usually have a problem keeping awake during an entire church service.
It’s a Saturday night.
Well, it’s 2:40 am and for some unknown reason to me, you and my brother whom I can hear sleeping peacefully, I am awake.
Despite the heavy sleep that had descended on me back at Nine pm earlier on, I am very awake and it seems that yet another time, sleep is way out of my seduction league.

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed.
My only friends at this time of need are the blood-hungry mosquitoes.
Maybe they are the ones ensuring a brother doesn’t become insane.
Like many, I rarely do well in extreme solitary…hence am glad for the mosquito-net which will ensure the mosquitoes keep me company as they seek for that one point to come in and relish my blood.

I am told that geniuses have weird or strange routines as opposed to the general public and the poultry…ofcourse, with all other factors like the state of health kept at a constant.
That bit of thought only confirms that indeed I am one.
However, am not as happy and proud of such a fact because a very thin line separates geniuses from nutcases!

Well, there is a faint drizzle outside and that reminds me of a certain statistic that was carried out by a team which was seeking to understand why birth control is still a problem yet it’s( 2012 hence)the end of the world as some pundits claim.
They came with the following 3 conclusions, mark you it’s in Kenya!

1. Cold weather- it simply translates to a lot of love making, which among vasoconstriction and other homeostatic mechanisms, is a form of negative feedback to conserve and produce heat energy.
Simply put, this is directly proportional to chances of getting pregnant.

2. Power rationing- having no power would mean people sleeping early in order to save a candle or the ever increasing costwise, Kerosene.
I dont need to tell you what will happen if you sleep at eight yet you’re used to sleeping at twelve or one…you will be awake a few hours later like me!
And which other perfect way to kill time for those who aren’t writers or night-runners?

3. Boredom- apparently when a person is bored three things come to his/her mind; food,sleep or sex.
After hunger is taken care of, and they realise they are half-awake half-asleep, the inevitable third dominates their thoughts!

Well, woe unto you if in a cold weather, you are bored and the naughty KPLC have decided to start you off by switching off the lights for you!



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