Did you say Mombasa riots? It’s insanity Riots!!

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Reality Check

In the wake of today’s gory details in our Local Dailies on yesterday’s uncouth behaviour by the youth following a certain Rogo’s professional riddance, I hereby wish all those who were affected a quick recovery…but to the nitwits who are going around looting and stealing in the name of demonstrating, a piece of advice…Enda tafuta yako…acha uwizi wa kimabavu!!

I have been on holiday and still is.
I am so much tempted to release by penning the pent-up anger that build up with each line I read concerning yesterday riots.
I know such a topic is bound to evoke bitternes or hatred due to the aspect of Religion involved.
However I won’t turn a blind eye on it yet it’s happening in Kenya…even if the numbskulls of MRC are saying Pwani sio Kenya!

A simple fact about me and other sane human beings is that we love peace.
It’s only during peace that we can make money…not unless am in the business of making Petrol Bombs.
When the idlers fight, they waste my time…make me incur loses, and also waste the money they would have made me richer with.
Worst of all however, lives are lost…like was the case yesterday.

A guy was supposedly stoned to death. Wait, an innocent man, who is someone’s son, someone’s husband and even a father, was taken out of his car by irate youth, beaten mercilessly, then stoned, till his heart, brain, liver, lungs and body systems stopped functioning. Why? Because the youth were annoyed with some unknown gunmen who gunned down a person who is described as follows in the daily nation;

The fiery madrassa teacher, named by the United Nations and the US as Al-Shabaab’s chief agent in Kenya, was shot near Bamburi on the Mombasa-Malindi highway as he drove his wife to hospital.
His wife sustained gunshot wounds in the legs. Her father, Mr Abdhallah Ali, who was also in the 14-seater van, suffered slight injuries but the couple’s eight-year-old daughter was unhurt.

Several churches were looted and burnt. Come Sunday, when the looters will be busy doing what they do best, idling, the Christians will meet under a tree or outside what used to be where they would find solace in their Creator after a hectic week.
Not mentioning the sorrow a family is facing because their sole bread winner was stoned till life ebbed out of him, nor the family who are fearing their property will be auctioned to repay a bank-loan because their 14 seater matatu was burnt by irate youth…who however were ‘wise'(read sick!!) enough to pick what is of value first before setting the van on fire.

I am still wondering the connection between the gunmen and the churches and Christians.
I am still wondering what revenge means.
I am still wondering why people can never stop being thoughtless unless they are stopped.

It’s still fresh in my mind how some twirps were branding themselves Sabaot Peoples Land Defence Force.
The Government had turned a blind eye on it for so long till they thought they are great.
They went ahead to raping our sisters, murdering old men and women and beheading their fellow human beings in a way which even the chicken would condemn.
Anyone who stood in their crooked and distorted and simply stupid ideologies was met with such.
Then the government sent it’s defence…The Kenyan Army….and every bit of the twirps was crushed to a pulp.
No longer do we hear such nonsense.

I know there are some communities in Kenya who are renowned for being ‘Roho Juu’…or simply ‘Roju’. Fearless and courageous they are called.
But really, unless that trait is put to education, sports, farming and other sectors which lead to not only personal but also Nation’s development, then I simply dismiss it not as fearless and courageous, but as brainless and more brainless!!

I wasn’t born yet, but I heard how our founding President Mzee Jomo crushed the illiterate Idi Amin’s agenda to take part of Kenya.
I wish the same could be done to MRC!

If I am going to cause vandalism on Patel’s electronic shop, or MaMa Gikonyo’s boutique, and then some people will sit back and be happy or turn a blind eye on it, then I say all the mentioned in this paragraph except for the two victimized business persons are stupid to the core.

I’m I bitter? Yes I am…Oh but it doesn’t concern me right? Well, it’s that sort of thinking that makes Kenya still classified as A developing country despite attaining independence back in 1963.



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