I can’t win on my own

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Deep thoughts, Poetry, Reality Check, unique

Lying thoughtfully in my bed,
Peace and tranquil embrace the background.
Many thoughts causing mayhem in my head.
As the smooth music makes me forget my sorounds.
A many a thoughts seek attention.
Which tonight is my source of confusion.

I have been here in a similar state before,
But the seriousness is all a new to me.
Who, my relaxed state of mind will restore?
When, cometh the time when everything solved will be?
The questions start giving hints of answers.
The answers however, require me to be courageous.

It is partly all personally really,
The love of my life, and what she awaits anxiously,
My mother, and what she seeks passionately,
My father, brother, and what they await patiently,
My friend, and what he believes in honestly,
It’s about concerns from my friends and loved ones basically.

He told me however, that nothing is impossible.
He also told me that on him, my knock will be answerable.
He also tells us, his presence if sought will be found.
And quickly reminds me if I trust in Him, then from chains I will be unbound.
I am talking about my loving Creator.
Whom many,including me seek in Him a mentor.

I can never comprehend what I see,
I may never get to the bottom of all that occurs.
He believes my abilities, that’s why he brings all thus to me.
The trust and love he has invest, disappointment I dont want Him to incur.


That’s why as I conclude,
To my reasoning, solutions have elude.
Closing my eyes and on my knees I go,
Realising I can’t win on my own…but I will with God.



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