Body for cash. #campus divas for rich men.

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It’s been all over the discussions on Facebook and Twitter.
A topic which has brought mixed reactions from all persons and the various circles in the society.
The radio giants Radio Africa in a bid to condemn it, actually ended up popularising the group which now has a staggering 34,300 likes and still counting!
It’s the campus divas for rich men page in Facebook.

The admin of the pageimage

who had a one on one session with Caroline Mutoko of Kiss 100 morning breakfast show, is an eloquent young man who even surprised Carol.
He even had the audacity of marketing his page during the show. Girls were calling in expressing not dismay, but rather kinda praising the guy and acknowledging that the pictures posted are real and given by the girls themselves!

This morning, they topic was featured in Maina’s n King’ang’is show which resulted in a 7,000 plus likes.
It is real and it’s happening.
The girls dont waste time putting it in their brief bio that all they want is loaded guys…the phrase ‘age is nothing but a number’ is becoming their sign off signature!

Asked why girls would go to such extent, their replies are swift and blunt,
”No one especially me, wants a broke dude who can’t take care of my needs(read wants!)” chirped one.
”A campus guy will only break my heart after tolerating his broke state”, ”It’s simply prostitution embracing technology but it’s working for both parties so who cares?”

The admin goes by the slogan ‘Come baby Come’ or more appropriately as he put it some time back,’Cum baby cum!’
His ‘invention’ has led to a number of several groups arising including Campus hunks for rich women…which is gaining a steady popularity too!
Notably though, is the ‘Anti-Campus divas for rich men’-which seeks to spread wise knowledge to girls. However, as expected it only has 8,000 likes.
I dont know if this rumour is true but apparently Mrs. Ida Odinga has learnt of the group and this was her response,” Yeah it’s true they are divas but more of divers coz they are diving to their own graves.”

I learnt of a new term for the broke guys…’Masafara wa Mungu”
Anybody associated with such a term basing on his social class has become like plague to the gold-digging witches.(put b in place of w!!)

This group comes barely a fortnight after a certain chic in UoN made a shocking revelation.
She was infected with HIV during her first time. Her bitternes has led her to sleeping with 322 men within the university and 2 others outside. Her target howeve, which has been distracted by guilt, was 2500 men!
Just after she did, another 1st year student in Moi University revealed she contracted the virus also during her first time and has slept with 90 guys in just 50 days two of which are Prominent politicians!!

It’s unfortunate that some of the chics in campus have been reduced to such a state. Even their minds think that they are nothing but source of direct cash.
Pregnancies succeeded with abortion has become a norm.

Try advising them and some will ask you if you can give them what some 64 year old gonner is giving them. Or if she appears to be in need of advice.

However, lets not forget the good girls and ladies who have sense in their manners and decisions.
Never again will I take for granted that type of girl. I appreciate all of them, Including you…Kudos if you’re one of them!


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