The Teachers & Lectures are justified in their strike!

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Reality Check

A few weeks ago, the above pictured man made this outrageous remark, ”MPs salary cannot be subject to taxes because it is peanuts.”
A basic salary of Ksh. 850,000 which is equivalent to $10,000 is reffered to as peanuts, when some Kenyans live on less than a dollar a day.

Kenya’s parliament was recently furnished with new seas costing Ksh. 200,000 per seat!!

As at now, the teachers of primary schools and lecturers are on strike.
Third term is a crucial term for the Class eight and Form four candidates.
However, the Education Minister, who is so far failing in his work, has the audacity to say he is better than THE late Environment Minister John Michuki.
Michuki, is reknowned for bringing sanity to Kenyan roads when he was the minister of Transport.
Later on, in conjunction with NEMA, his ministry became the best in terms of serving Kenyans.

Next week on Thursday, the Kenyan doctors are planning to down their tools in a Nationwide strike.
They accuse the government of not heeding their cry for better working conditions and pay.
Kenyan MPs will take less than an hour to pass a motion of their salary increment.
However, since 1997, the teachers’ and doctors’ plea is yet to be given the attention deserved!

In as much as I am not only a student, but also with sisters doing National Exams, the teachers and lecturers deserve a better pay and humane working conditions!


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