It doesn’t hurt to care.

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Reality Check, Routine
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You are in town in a city like Nairobi or Mombasa and you meet the street kids.
You may also be in a village of a town…like Kapsabet…which is a town just because they have a Matatu terminus.
Be sure to spot them, they are conspicuous and not even Stevie Wonder can miss them!

Their classical appearance still stands to date.
Sniffing a glue bottle while carrying a dirty ‘gunia’ and minding their own business is the face of the Eldoret street kid.
It is only the small children from street families who actually hustle for coins…trust me…they no longer beg.

The situation is however different in the town of Nakuru. For some reason, the street fellas know just how much you have…and even know how much you should give them.
”Niaje buda…niokolee mbao…njaa ya wiki bana.”He starts.
You look at him and conclude his lips have just been savoring Mangos…even his clothes attest to that.
Realising you won’t, he bargains,” Okay sawa bas, ashu tu bana.”
unfortunately, I usually want to help but then I wonder if while in search of the coin, he will snatch the few notes separating me from poverty.

I really dont know if the name street kid qualifies.
Grown ass men n women are still hustling for the coin.
I am always a bit skeptical however.
After a blind man polished my shoes to an amazing shine outside Afya Center in Nairobi some years ago, I realised that no one has the right to go begging year in year out.

However, a wise man once said, ” Dont compare people’s life. It is a journey and you dont know where they are coming from, nor going.”
Maybe you are that one person that will make him realise love and care for humanity still exists.
Maybe that’s why he will cancel his plan of kupiga msee ngeta later in the cover of the night.
If it’s the right thing to do, then you just know it’s your duty.
The moment you say someone else will do it and neglect that whispering voice urging you too help, then it’s your God you’re failing.

Just try it once, and you will realise it doesn’t hurt to help.


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