My brush with the wrong arm of the Law. (Part 1)

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Reality Check, Routine, unique
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The following events took place in Eldoret in West-Indies.
It was my first and so far the only time I have crossed my path with the Police.
However, my name doesn’t appear in their website. My name is always clean ever since the day it was assigned to me.

In my usual no shirt boxers only mode, I was deeply asleep when a rude knock on the door interrupted my sleep.
I wasn’t at my parents’ home so the anger and cursing was vented inwardly.
Being three in the servant quarter house, the eldest woke up to open the door
in came three policemen who were almost touching the ceiling with their heads.
As is the norm with Kenyan police, they asked for our I.Ds.
A few minutes later, we were bundled into a police car.
I couldn’t believe it. Despite informing them that I was a UT at a nearby secondary school, where I literally spent my entire day, they insisted the three of us were withholding information concerning a criminal.

Their uncle, who by now had been woken up from the main house by the mild scuffle and continuous barking of the dogs, came out in a robe.
I realised why my dad and him are good friends. Both know their constitutional rights so much.
It was so apparent that the guys wouldve let us walk scot free if some cash was accidentally dropped into their hands.
He did say what I was hoping he wouldn’t.
”Sasa mnafkiri mnatutisha? I have already called my lawyer who will be in court tomorrow. Hawa vijana ni wakubwa mnafkiri wanaogopa cell?”
”Sammy msijali…you guys are innocent. Ata asubuhi karibu inafika. Endeni tu.”
And so our fate was sealed.
The thought of taking off quickly left as fast as it came because of the huge police dog that was left to man us….or is it dog us?

At half past twelve, two more police trucks came in.
That’s when I started thinking about my parents and brothers.
My mum was at home with one of my big brothers called Solo. The others were in school and my Dad was in Malindi.
I didn’t want to think of the pain they would when they learn that their last-born was in custody.

It was a simple case really. The guy being sought, was a reknowned ‘bad boy’…he had an intimate relationship with petty thieving….but occasionally cheated on her with weed who was very materialistic hence making Roby…the guy…to look for ways of maintaining weed his Unofficial girl.
The guy I was arrested with, knew where he stays, however the guy isn’t a snitch. So he didn’t tell.
He was in no way protecting him. In fact many times he had advised Roby to leave his vices.
And so we were arrested for withholding information that could lead to the arrest of a criminal.
With me, the Bushman, being the victim of circumstances.

The drive to the police station was pretty awesome. Eldoret is so beautiful at night.
For some few minutes, I must have forgotten what awaits me.
However, I had watched many movies about life behind bars…and knew the tricks which would save my ass….maybe even literally save my ass.

Although older than me, Gideon has a much smaller physique.
I immediately knew he would relly on me for protection from harassment.
The cop doing the registration of the day’s lawbreakers made me laugh when he asked, ”So apart from uwizi, nini ingine wewe hufanya kwa bidii?”
So we left our phones with them, and were led into the cells.

The first thing that greeted me, was the pungent smell of shit!
It was so bad, I swore not to relieve myself no matter how bad it would get.
We passed the heavily padlocked cell whose inhabitants were women. I unfortunately caught a glimpse of one who was relieving herself in a bucket.
Indeed the situation was pathetic.
I noticed the open space called Kamukunji was locked.

In a flash, we were accosted by two mean looking thugs.
The type who can be accused of anything that’s branded as crime under the face of the earth.
”we mko na nini?”
Tightening my deltoid, trapezius and pectoralis muscles, they seemed slightly intimidated by what they saw.
And that’s why they went for my friend Gideon.
He unfortunately had absolutely nothing to give them…a stinking rag was quickly thrown at him and ordered to go clean the shit…”Sawa enda osha mavi!”
after which his tiny self was pushed to the darkness.

I quickly intervened. I had about fifty shilling coins inside my Loafer shoes.
I told them to bring my friend back and that I have something they would like.
I really wished then that I had a gun instead of coins.
However, I took off my shoes and gave the meanest of the two the fifty shilling coins.

This really made them happy. My friend was called back and we were ushered into the cell which had about twenty men.
Due to our just earned celebrity status, a rapist was roughed up, and we sat on his cold spot.
Twas 3am!


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