Planning is simply Procrastination.

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Plans


The title is simply an experience I have gone through many times.
However, I always think things will be different.
Nothing though has changed… Still plan…even cater for the most minute detail…but when it’s time to execute the plan, I am so tired in the mind, I consider it done.

The writer’s digest competition’s deadline was 14th September.
Instead of just writing the short stories as the ideas came, I would pile them up, polish them, and even edit them to a fine copy whilst still in my mind.
Needless to say, the lucrative competition is gone…till next year!

Was I supposed to reply to an email?
Comment on a wallpost?
Reply a message in whatsapp?
Text a friend?
Call my parent perhaps?
All which, I didn’t.
And my mind is mean enough to remind me of that just when I have tucked myself neatly for a night’s sleep.

My dog Lucky passed away…the morning of my birthday.
The previous day, he had seem sad. As if imploring me to get him out his old dilapidated kennel for a walk.
Or maybe just a pat or a stroke on his big brown head.
I didn’t.
Although me n him have a share of the good times, I just wish I hadn’t postponed me and him catching up… I had hoped that a more sunny day wouldve been appropriate.

A little planning is good though.
It has helped many a times.
But too much of it? Count me out… Once bitten, twice shy.

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