Bushman’s journey with the mobile phone.

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Reality Check, Routine, Septmber, unique
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My journey starts way back when the Kenyan Premiere Raila Odinga was probably the only person with a mobile phone…publicly.
Ofcourse other people had it but we will excuse him because of his ethnic background and their show-off tendencies.

I’m talking about the days when climbing on top of trees would greatly improve the network during a phone-call.
Back then when I considered it a waste of money because it was simply a useless gadget….couple of years later, and I can’t stay for a maximum of half an hour without using it.

As a bushman, I will put down my experience. If you find that you are relating with most of them, well, you’re free to use my name just for today in reference to how you’ve evolved.

Beginning with the battery. Those myths, a battery would explode if it exceeded ten minutes when fully charged.
When out of charge and there is a power black-out, slightly warming it under say a candle, stove or jiko would recharge it.


Someone actually sincerely advised my mother that playing the games on the phone would drain away the credit.
In my limited but accurate reasoning, I knew the phone’s games weren’t connected to any server.
Needless to say, my mission to complete the Maze game in her Siemens A35 was brought to an immature halt.

The calling rate was just obscene!
The billing was being done per second. Safaricom and Kencell were the only mobile service providers then.
Those were the days when browsing at a cyber cafe was an out of this world swag…not mentioning how guys who had e-mails thought they had websites!

The voice-mail, not many Kenyans still know its use…to date.
Some people get really mad when they call and their call is diverted,” unaona ananinizimia simu?….imelia na akakata.”
Believe it or not, the computerized lady’s voice once nearly ruined a marriage.
The wife thought her hubby was in a brothel…because of the phrase…”MTEJA hapatikani”

We all have lied a number of times while using the gadgets.
Either you will lie to a person you are to meet with…”Ata napanda gari saizi.”when you are even yet to figure what you’ll wear(notably ladies)
A guy to his wife, ”I am in the office working late.”…when in reality he is engrossed in some activity which involves a woman who ever since childhood, has never stopped putting things in her mouth.

When I got my first phone back in class eight, a Nokia 3310, I had about twenty contacts.
Among them was Safaricom, Check Balance, Police hotline, KPLC and Eldowas company.

I recall when I became a form one, it was a swag to leave a phone number in an ‘application letter’, i.e besides the latest love songs dedications that was a signature.

Prank calls were the order of the day.
I know Noelle you’ll want to strangle me after this confession, but I was the guy called Shakombo haha…a.k.a Fish!

However it was much easier to buy a bamba 50 back then.
These days I sometimes find myself in search of the bamba 5 which had only a when’s stunt in the market.


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