My brush with the wrong arm of the law. (Part 2)

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Routine
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Time is really dragging.
No one is in need of a chit-chat.
A brief moment of being observant makes me come to terms about my surroundings.
The smartly dressed man in a suit, appears presentable. The alleged rapist, would pass as an upcoming young pastor in a Nigerian movie, the silent driver…seems like a very informed and cunning person.
Lastly and infact the least, (cell-wise), the thief…beaten and whose several ribs are said to be broken but is yet to get medical attention.
Everyone is friendly…but for himself too.
The floor is cold…but sleep catches with me an hour or so later.

The morning seems to be the happiest in the cells.
Guys get to take tea and bread…I didn’t take it though coz the tea had an unmistakable taste of OMO washing powder!
The slices of bread, well, the guy serving them, who was among the thugs in Part 1, hadn’t washed his hands since the toilet rag incident.
So I let breakfast pass.
The rapist almost missed tea…he had been forced to clean the extremely dirty loos. Believe it or not, not even the toilet-flies survive in Eldoret Place station loos…it’s even unhealthy for the stench loving flies!

During the day while we awaited to be bailed out, since we weren’t to be taken to court due to insufficient evidence, I enjoyed or rather was engrossed in the events.

There were the women who had just been released. Most were twilight girls really.
As if defying the odds, some even engaged in quickies with the male guys present…including a young girl who seemed barely sixteen.
The driver, like I had expected, was a seasoned lawbreaker. He was even very confident that he would leave soon.
The rapist also got a chance to share his story. At the end of it, he just made me realise how stupid he was.

At half past one, my name, together with Gideon’s were called.
My mum had been so worried about my state.
I almost took advantage to seek sympathy…but seeing the toll the news of me in custody had taken on her, I quickly started telling her the funny side of my encounter.

*whenever I walk past the Station nowadays, I realise people are going through a lot….and some are innocent…although their physical appearance makes the police judge the book by its cover*


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