She has the right to her child’s life

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Deep thoughts, Poetry, Reality Check, Routine, Septmber, unique
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Even though they were allegations,
Still, they had a basis to be among the news as mentions.
The doctors,willing enough to exterminate the virus,
From those living with it among us.
”A miscarriage madam is what you had,”
The mother, cries thinking it’s just that slightly bad.
But the doctor adds,” We were forced to remove your uterus for your safety.”
in grief and pain, the mother cries not aware the doctor is crafty.

Asunta Wagura is one amazing lady,
Who, for almost two decades now, has had the malady.
You wonder,”Does she have anything to show for it?”
Ofcourse! Millions of women whose hope for a tomorrow has been lit,
Not mentioning the two lovely kids granted to her.
Why then, should this chance, be snatched from the iliterate infected mother?
No parent wants to leave or give birth to a physically challenged child.
So, how dare they think passing the infection will make a mother glad.
With the medical advancement witness though we are still a 3rd world,
Such an act by the doctors is simply sick and sad!


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