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Posted: September 17, 2012 in Deep thoughts, Plans, Reality Check, Routine, unique
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Yesterday, the 16th of September, was a day that marked my brother’s 5th anniversary.
When I woke up in the morning, I thought about him and told him to spend the day with me.
I guess he did. Because for some reason, my paths were guided to a friend of mine called Victor Luvai.

Apart from being a fellow Medical student, he is a nice fellow to spend time with.
On a first impression, he passes for the quiet, withdrawn, introverts or a dedicated bookworm.
However, a few minutes with him and you realise nothing could be farther from the truth as such an impression.

After a sumptuous meal he prepared for me and three other guests, I noticed during the general talking that he mentioned something to do with business with another friend present.
Naturally for me, my curiosity was set off by the thought of what you get after doing business.
However I waited for an opportune moment when I would just be with him.

My patience was rewarded as he and I were walking to town from their ”ODM” hostels.
I digress, Moi University school of Medicine is just awesome.
Made me wish Egerton’s management could borrow a leaf.


The one hour or so I spent with him made my mind wild and running with thoughts.
Here was an age-mate of mine, who fends for himself, pays his own school fees, buys his own stuff and even manages to assist his siblings once in a while.
And how does he do that?
By simply thinking outside the box!
Earlier on when this blog was still Asselo’s blog, I wrote an article about Medical schools.
I must have had the likes of Luvai in my mind whilst writing it.
Despite the feeling I have that I have what it takes now, Luvai has automatically gone into the very less populated category of mine called,”Friends for keeps.”
If am not wrong, they are now four, out of the hundreds of friends I have.

He advised me not to share what he gave me with all and sundry. It’s his…I could say it has his patent…and I am a lucky fella….like I always am.

So at the end of the day, during supper with my family, I remind them it’s Allan’s 5th anniversary.
And quickly add that to me, it’s been an awesome day…that’s when I realise the feeling is mutual for my mum n brother.

**We miss you Allan**


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