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Posted: September 18, 2012 in Routine
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Taking a walk back into memory lane, I settle to the time of my life between 2006 and 2009.
That’s the time I stepped for the first time ever, into a boarding school. The then Kapsabet boys’ Provincial school.

Those were the days when after losing a match or a game, guys would brandish exercise books to mock the academic dwarfs of Nandi County.
Speaking of games, running around the drive was always accompanied with cat and mouse games with the prefects back in the dorm-area.

Class meetings and house meetings were a time to disturb.
House parties were meant to show the monos and form 2s just who were the bosses.
Not forgetting the HouseCaptains who had to steal over 100 ‘njosis’
It was always a party like environment.

The Series exams had some way of making people sick. During the two weeks, it was common for the Sanetorium to be filled with very sick guys. #Shem wa 2004

Despite it’s dilapidated state, no doubt the Old D-hall was the best building in the school.
It was the source of entertainement…i.e. Food and Tv!
Tea-breaks and Saturday night being the happiest moments.

I have never find interesting names the likes the teachers were branded then; Punda, Nyuki, Conc, Bembe, Jongea,Killer, Mlovi and Machang’aa not forgetting Terep Terep and Tamambull.

Water was always a problem then, however we knew how to minimise its usage.
A fortnight would be the interval between bathing, socks would be aired when going to sleep, plate would be wiped with TP, only the collars would be washed in the shirts, only the lower parts of trousers would be cleaned with a rug and the cubes were cleaned where only the eyes could see without any adjustment.

However, there was always that ‘Oxygen’ shirt for outings.
The monos would provide the rest i.e shoes and trousers.

The most memorable event for the veterans though would be ‘Exodus’
Where guys would go and do their thing through the KG’s chain-link fence.
It was an activity preserved for those sitting for KCSE!

Well, it’s now National school.
A lot of changes, many teachers who made us suffer and those who made us enjoy the life have been transferred.
We love all of them though, for agreeing to teach a class in which during the afternoon guys would be sleeping, others ‘kuwasha’ and most stinking!

Long live Lazz High.


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