Bushman’s Act like a lady think like a man.

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Act, Arrogance, Awesome, Crude, Macho, Reality, Steve Harvey, Think
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The critics will say what they want, use the most impeccable English, employ the use of jargon, but at the end of the day, Steve Harvey nailed it!

The critics would say it’s specific for African-American ladies from an African-American man’s perspective.
Tell you what haters, I agree with him…he speaks my thoughts, yet I am an African-Bushman.
And I have a few to add too:D


Dont mess with our ego please.
It’s delicate and easily fractures.
Rejecting me is bad enough and causes trauma.
However, boasting to your friends or the next guy coming your way is heartbreaking(ego-breaking hehe)
that’s why I would probably try go for your best friend(ouch).
When you reject me, do it in a simple and straightforward manner,”Bushman, me and you are better off as friends. Am sure you dont want us to ruin that by insisting on going out with me.”

No man messes with a mature woman. That’s a fact.
The moment you show me how undecided you can get, or how hard to get you can play, then it’s the moment I realise you are challenging me to a game.
I like fair play.
So let the best team win.
Dont come crying when, I win, in a game, and walk away.
That’s what winners do to their opponents haiya!

Pregnancy used to be a trap back then.
Nowadays, it’s a term which refers to the period between conception and giving birth…just like God intended.
Ask a hunter what a trap is…he will tell you it doesn’t trap him…traps the hare…which thought itself cunning.
Dont trap me, lay out your expectations like Steve Harvey says.

It’s 8-4-4 system in Kenya.
As you can see, there is no place catered for, “Certificate in Mind reading.”
ofcourse there are many things I can simply understand via body language.
However, sometimes it’s better to use that mouth for talking.
Ofcourse I appreciate doing things without you asking….makes me feel like your hero.

Well, maybe this is a chauvinistic article.
But then, am a Bushman. That’s my excuse.
Feel free to share this post.
The comments won’t be necessary though.:p


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