Random Post; Of Awesome Barbers

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Awesome, Haircut, Professional
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First of all they have simple names.
All bragging set aside…it’s the kind I go to….although I occasionally also go the likes of ‘deadly kutz’.
Mine, located along the Eldoret-Uganda highway, is simply Barber Shop.

The moment you step in you feel different.
The telly is on, newspapers from all the leading media houses are available.
Soft music plays in the background and a lady welcomes you with a sweet smile.

The guys present, are smartly dressed, have clean,neat and cool haircuts.
I always find myself replying to the first question they ask after we exchange pleasantries, “ninyoe tu kama yako”

From time to time whilst perusing the newspaper as you are shaved, you look up to see if you are really being shaved.
Their machines are quiet and doesn’t tag at your hair.
I always wish it goes on forever.

Once you are done though, you are so happy at the result, you can spend time looking at the mirror, just smiling at the new look you have.

Afterwards, you are ushered to the lady who will work on you head thoroughly.
Wash it, massage it and later apply some oil on it.
She isn’t done though!
She goes to your face, and does a facial scrub for you or a full facial depending on your preference.(read pocket size!!)
That’s usually my best part.
She has a way of keeping you occupied with interesting stories.

When you walk out, although you have spent about seven times more than what Kinuthia has spent at ‘kool kutz’, you really feel its worth.

That’s a good barber(s)!


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