Let your attitude control your day!

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Attitude, Maximizing, Motivational
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The teachers’ strike is finally over and the students are going back this morning. Well, that’s awesome.
Those in school already…Egerton…make good notes for our use when we finally get the news that the Lecturers’ strike was called off.

Every morning there are two kinds of people in this world.
Those looking forward to what the day holds and those angry/annoyed/stressed/worried.
The two people might be having the same job, equal amount of savings but very different perspectives on life.

Their attitude is what makes the whole difference.

The annoyed person who wakes up already irritable spoils his own day for himself. He will blame the birds for making noise, the alarm for waking him up late(silly) and the Matatu driver for failing to break traffic rules.

On the other hand, the happy fella wakes up early enough so as to have maximum time doing what he has to.
By the time he leaves his house for work, he is smartly dressed, has left everyone at home happy and looks forward to his day at work.

Charity never stopped beginning at home.

By having a positive attitude, we get to influence other people’s moods too.
Do you know of those people, at work,class or home who when happy, then everyone is happy? But unfortunately the opposite is true too!
If you have such a personality you better be careful about your attitude and mood.

I still believe in, “Early to bed, early to rise, not only makes you healthy, but wealthy and wise!”

waking up early enough and planning for your day ahead will ensure you don’t waste the morning hours idling.
Later on, you realise that you get a lot of satisfaction from what you do.
This will ofcourse make you happy…and in turn spread the happiness at home, office, work or even class.

Take charge of your day. Make your attitude positive and see your relationships with others improve too.