Do platonic relationships exist?

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Crap, Love, Platonic
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It’s very common these days to find the terms BFF being branded to guys or girls.
Honestly, till recently, I thought they mean Brady Furu Forever!
Well, for those who are Bushpersons like me, it means Best Friends Forever.

I am yet to see a guy calling a chic that.(I am here talking about real men i.e.)
Girls and some ladies will be quick to brand a male of female friend that tag just because they had an awesome afternoon together, or because they listened to her, albeit Shingo Upande, while she ranted about her stubborn boyfie.

Unfortunately just a slight storm is enough to change BFF to something like ‘brady furu forever’

Anyway let me get back to the title. I needed to vent that bit since this trend of initials make me sick.

Instead of saying “I love you” ‘enlightened’ that ‘ILY’ works just fine.

I did a research couple of days ago. I wanted to find out if I was the only one thinking bestfriends between a guy and a chic is just a myth.

Every guy who responded, notably Cleo,Czar and Hoseah the gentleman, were convinced that is impossible.
Some few wanted to sound liberal but am sorry I read that as being a coat worn over a sissy!

There’s only one chic who really impressed me and that was Kemmie.
She was darn outright that no such thing can exist.
The others, well they tried to be liberal at first but later agreed that feelings always creep in.

Sylvia said it can be from the dude’s side or the chic’s side…but she quickly added that chics however, are good at hiding what they feel.

I solicited mature advise and I realised the guys were not wrong.
“When you spend a lot of time with someone, either talking or communicating…naturally you grow close.”said a psychologist.
Growing close between two people of opposite sex is simply developing a stronger liking for each other.

So if you are a chic and you are out there yapping to everyone how you have a BfF plus a boyfriend too, then I suggest you go back to the drawing board.
Same thing with guys and other Bushmen like me.

Call it chauvinism or being myopic or being narrow minded, but hey like I said earlier, am speaking here on behalf of all real men out there.

The sissies have their spokeswomen.


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