Every lady wants to be treated like a queen but…

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Equality, Love, Relationships
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Ask most ladies what they want for in a man and you will get something longer than Kenya’s budget.

“I want a man who appreciates me for what and who I am.”
“I want a man who can just read my feelings and act or respond accordingly.”
“If only men could listen more…”
“Treats me like a lady…you know…opens doors for me, calls me without a reason just to say hi or he misses me!”

if you aren’t wise enough to interrupt, they could go on and on.

I digress, someone once said that men are just tall boys.
Well, in that case am a man.

So back in the days when I was a boy, my teacher would tell me that a Queen exists because a King is her husband.
That’s why there is no King of England!
So ladies want to be treated like Queens but they are totally against the idea of treating a man like a King.

Doesn’t quite add up in my Bushman’s perspective.

The moment a dude forgets who he is, stops hanging out with his buddies watching football or playing darts or chess or scrable or whatever he used to like, then as per the standards set by God knows who…he is one hell of a romantic guy!

“He treats me like a queen, he sacrifices his life for me.” brags a lady to her friends.
For lack of better words however, the guy is a zombie.
A walking time bomb ready to explode when ticked off by a realisation since humans can’t be forever brainwashed!

There is the cheap talk that modern men don’t think this way,
well, most ‘modern men’ don’t find women attractive…the likes of Westlife.

Even after years of being exposed to demonstrations by women demanding for gender equality, I still believe women have their roles. Men have their roles too. And none should try do the other one.

Personally, I left the likes of the group Westlife and other gay men to do the roles of women.

This doesn’t mean men can’t bring up kids on their own or participate in household chores. We have seen widowers doing just that.
Am talking about the simple as well as the complicated things God meant women to do.

Anyway, after all the noise is done, tongues clicked for what this post contains….Ladies, if you want to be treated like a queen, you have to become a queen first.
And becoming a queen is not employing servants.
It’s by having a King.

If however, he is a King courtesy of you and he isn’t making you a Queen, then the message is clear…you ain’t his Queen!


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