Operation Back to School.

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Finally it has been mentioned in the news that the strike has ended.
But I guess I am getting this information late because I am a Bushman.
Anyway I have already packed my few belongings which include my goatskin, water bottle and akala.
I will set off tomorrow so am hoping to arrive in RiverView Egerton on Sunday evening.

However, if you don’t see me soon, then you should know am off to Kismayu.
It has been captured by KDF who I think will need protein so I will be hawking boiled eggs there.

I honestly can’t wait to meet my friends.
I have really missed you guys you should know.
However you can never get love equal to the one I give the chickens, the sheep and the cattle in my life…I better make that clear.

First of all I am glad that river view is now much more like a community.
Atleast I won’t be thinking Fridays are Saturdays like I used to.
My roommate Caesar as well as my neighbours ironically relied on my techniques of reading time based on the position of the sun.

I finally realised that the Labcoats we wear isn’t because we are similar to butchers.
Don’t blame me…Joanne and Kelvin Wanjala were the ones who put that mindset in me when they butchered the sciatic nervein the gluteal region of their cadaver…..which had a bullet wound by the way.

I am sure the romantic ones will be taking their new 1st year naive girlfriends for walks in riverview.
But please don’t do what Joanne and Hoseah did…having a picnic followed by photo shoot on the grass. Hiyo ni chakula ya ng’ombe bana!

For the first years who are new. And already asking like Monica did in first semester if we will need stethoscopes.
Well, stethoscopes aren’t used on cadavers!
And please maintain silence at all times.
I actually pity the one in 6b.
I will soon be coming with my brother Caesar.
One rule…you are to be seen and not to be heard!
The only guys talking will be me and Caesar and ofcourse audio from an electronic device.

Finally ningependa kutuma salamu kwa Lilian, Noni, Dorah, Pat na Brayo, Alfayo, Becky, Musketeers, Bildad na Mwalimu, Arab Money and of course Giddy na Cynthia Shivachi.
Usijali Ayoti…umeonakana…ni ile ulikua kando ya Conrad.

Goodnight and see you soon.
I hope akala haitakatika kwa njia!


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