The reality dawns on me. #First week in school

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If you had asked me how this semester was going to be a few days prior to last Sunday, I would have sounded quite the way Ayoti, Joanne, Brian and Gideon sounded while campaigning…enthusiastic and eager in an unrealistic way!

Ha-ha Chill guys. I don’t have any beefing with your campaign tactics…it’s just that some of you sounded quite desperate. #Name(s) withheld for my own security’s sake.
Having said that let me get back to the issue the title is trying to address.

I had fallen in love with my daily farm life routine. Sleep late, wake up at daybreak, take breakfast, freshen up… (I haven’t confused the order…I usually freshen up after breakfast) and then proceed to the usual chores which simply never ends. The best you can do if you are in my shoes is to do what you can whilst the sun is still up.
Let me get back to the title this time for real. I will basically show you how I had awesome expectations for this semester and how they have become realistically a reality check…. (Don’t worry…I also don’t see the sense in that statement)

Hoseah Shikanda.

I know you are wondering what the gentleman has done to me. During my 2nd year picturing, I figured I would be able to read ahead of the teacher and hence contribute more than or equal to Hoseah’s contribution. However the anatomy and Biochemistry lessons have just proved how far from that I am. Most of you will recall yesterday’s class when half the class was sleeping, the remaining were either laughing at those sleeping, daydreaming, face booking…the likes of Me thinking about ways of making money while Hoseah, who I understand was on the projector as a nude fella paid attention to the guy who has never realized he graduated a long time ago from the Royal School of Surgeons…one Dr. Akenga.

Physiology Lessons
Whoever gave Dr. Obure three hours must have watched the movie Saw6 and thought it a way of torturing us. Last year 2hrs were unbearable. Hence I would interchange his lessons with watching movies, playing NfS or simply doing what I do best…login into Facebook just to check if I have notifications. This time round however, he caught me while at it.

Actually I was on the verge of replying a naughty text. He must have seen the wicked smile on my face while at it. It’s no wonder he said am the likes who will refer to TLC as Tender Loving Care instead of Total Lung Capacity.

Queues and mess.

I am still yet to finish my registration because of the long queue I see every day. However I am waiting for the day when it will be past deadline…at least am sure I will be the only outside the serving windows taking my sweet time like a snail…oh wait that example doesn’t show you the gravity of what I mean. I will be as slow as Kelvin Wanjala. Well, now you get just what i mean.
I stopped blaming Egerton’s mess for the confusion they usually have. Maybe they took the noun meaning of the word which means, “A dirty or untidy condition.” I had honestly thought that would change this year. However everyone seems to be okay with it including the cashiers who will sit behind a table smiling and waiting to serve students yet they have notified the students that there is barely anything to buy. “No chapatti, no ndengu, no tea, no githeri (Caesar…read Zahid, would ask everyday for githeri during first semester though)

I had actually been told that Riverview is more of a community. Either the place has changed or the person who told me doesn’t quite get the meaning of a community. My apologies to the article which made such a claim. All I have seen around this place is many strange looking, confused, focused in a silly way, and determined to beat the odds people in the name of first years. Some are awesome though. Like my roommate Steve. He is probably the only dude who tells you stories about how to be successful in wooing a chic but still proceed to wear pink and purple slippers.

Simply put, I can’t wait for Friday.

The day when I will finally sleep like I am supposed to. Then proceed to swim and watch a movie or cartoons perhaps. Once I am done with that, I will finally be ready to come to the reality that this semester has for me…that will be certainly be on Monday.

What are your plans or shocks this semester?

  1. hoseashik says:

    sam, d@ was pretty awesome, enjoyed it frm da first capital letter to da last fullstop, thanx for ma inclusion. Believe diz xem wud b awesome, it is alwaiz grt wen one uses one’s talent to inspire otherz n i hv some quite tantalizin evidence d@ u already a mastermind in diz coup of inspiration, keep it up!!!