Random Post…#Physiology practical with Mr. Ngugi

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Routine, Uncategorized
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After a whole two months of missing Mr. Ngugi and his teaching methods, today’s lesson was much anticipated. Little did I know how awesome the lesson would turn out…especially to the likes of me whose lieber scale on life tilts excessively on the fun side.

The lesson would be a practical lesson on what we are currently dealing with in Respiratory Physiology. The more and more he gave us the instructions, the more I saw the possibility of the ladies in the class posing topless whilst a dude (logically) palpates the chest and back region via a stethoscope. However, I would stop to wonder what would happen if such a scenario/opportunity avails itself in this techno savvy generation where uploading someone’s picture online takes a lesser duration than ice cream melting in hell.

As opposed to the cliché of ladies first, the guys were first to remove their shirts. However this was presented in form of a few only…notably Gideon, Sam, Quavs, Willis and Siko. Well, the others represented by Salim, Norbert and Jacob did not for reasons which are seemingly not yet apparent to me. I was thinking maybe it’s the one pack, visible ribs only to realize that some are blessed with the anatomic part that usually traverses the 2nd to 6th ribs in a feminine way. A few like Maulik have hairy chests which greatly distort the breathing sounds making it sound like some annoyed warthog. However, we will sort that should there be a next time by using warm water…as per Ngugi’s directive.

A prank statement made to Brayo saw him rush to the front of the class because it was alleged that Joy had gone topless. Ironically, he was in the middle of what appeared to be breathing sounds procedure conducted on him by Pat. Good thing though even after his disappointing finding, he still got a person to finish the test on him. Conrad described the sounds from his chest as “black and dark sounds”…which was duly accepted by Brian although twisted to sound something like wheezing. Gideon accidentally confused the numbered points with Anne’s nipple…however he was stopped before he could do anything by being reminded she wasnt going to strip like he had.

Becky, in response to a question if she did go topless for the sake of science answered in a number of interesting ways. Monica however made the lesson worthwhile, she took her sweet time to give me a lecture on ‘nguo za ndani’…don’t mind how the conversation started because neither do I know. Willis actually asked Nuzlah to take part in the procedure as the one on whose body the stethoscope lies. Anyway he got an answer which suggests he was talking crap…Nuzlah just smiled in a way that said a lot.

I wonder how it will be during our clinical years. I actually prefer such respiratory-like procedures to those involving collection of stool for the purpose of disease diagnosis. Some patients, in a bid to impress the doctor or nurse in their efficiency, do go to an extreme of using a paper bag and discarding the small, black plastic tin given to them.

Medicine isn’t that boring after all.

  1. Bushman says:

    Williot you’ve been so lost….glad you are back!


  2. Williot says:

    Ha ha ha. Cool, and yeah u’re xo ryt, nuzlah’s smile said alot !